3 free tools to do web scraping from Google search results

  • 24/06/2021

The time has come to obtain huge amounts of data from the SERPs to pass to its filtering, analysis and subsequent use and thus polish the necessary actions to optimize the SEO of each like a boss project.

1 - SEOQuake

Although it does not act as a regular data scraping tool, the well-known Google Chrome SEOQuake extension allows, among other multiple functionalities, to export a significant number of URLs that respond to a specific search that we are interested in analyzing.

2 - Extract People Also Search Phrases in Google

Thanks to this SERP scribing tool, you will have before your eyes a wide variety of informative searches made by users in response to queries such as "eating out of anxiety".

Look at the results offered by Extract People Also Search Phrases in Google:

With the installation of the data scraping extension, you will get an excellent partner to get more ideas on which to write new posts on your blog based on the query made from Google, or update and expand existing content on your website. Interesting, right?

3 - Scraper

If you feel comfortable with XPATH, (system for browsing and consulting elements contained in the structure of an XML document), the data scraping tool will delight you for its ease of collecting data from Google SERPs based on a search, such as title, description or URLs, are to name just a few examples.

In addition, the information obtained can be exported to the clipboard, to an Excel spreadsheet or to the Screaming Frog tool.

You can download any of the said 3 data scraping tools and scrap information obtained from Google search results. For more information on data scraping, please visit now.

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