5 FREE Web Scrapers That You Cannot Miss in 2023

  • 07/11/2022

5 FREE Web Scrapers That You Cannot Miss in 2023

With the technologies available today, your business is assuredly engaged with some or the other web scraping services in USA. However, are you aware of how competent they are and how many better services are available in the market that easily surpasses what you are operating with right now? Supposedly not.

2023 is approaching, and your business will indeed require a better, more innovative, and more robust infrastructure for your data management systems in order to compete and sustain in today's market. So let's discuss 5 of the most ideal web scraping services companies available to watch out for in 2023.


We start with, hands down, the perfect web scraping service to grab in 2023, BotScraper. Web scraping, web crawling, data scraping, web data extraction, real-time web API scraping, XML and API integration solutions, lead extracting software services, price extracting services, SERP software services, and the list goes on. These are a few of the services offered by BotScraper.

Botscraper leads are industry favorites and are proven to be the best-filtered quality leads available in the market. Specific to quality lead generation, this lead extractor software is an ideal accelerator for every business across industries and sectors.

Intelli-save data saver, Smart Filter filtering system, Multi-export exporting tool across formats, Rotating Proxy internet connectivity tool, and Multi-threading Advantage data segmentation are a few of the most dynamic and intelligent tools that not only speed up the lead generation but also ensure the logistical operations of data processing is parallel paced for smooth and uninterrupted processes.

To summarize, Bot Scraper is an ideal business leads scraper, lead extractor software, price scraping tool, and an intelligent operating system that aids a particular requirement of extracting information off the market. Adopting a mechanism as advanced as Bot Scraper ensures a business is ahead of the game in need of today that expresses brutal competition.

Meeting high-intensity technology requirements in today's demand, makes one of the most robust software as a service (SaaS) models. This software is engaged in creating visual ecosystems for funnel end design uses. It enables them to personalize their modus operandi and generate data banks and making them one of the most desirable visual scrapers in the call.

The system is a comprehensive product for requisites like powerful analytics, consistent and real-time consumer sentiment monitoring, brand management, price strategies, and a lot more.

Being an ideal business leads scraper among all the web scraping services USA, has an influence on e-commerce partnerships with retailers among categories like consumer goods, online retail, travel and hospitality, events, and online ticketing.

Scraping Bot

If you are looking forward to extracting HTML content off the internet from a business leads scraper, Scraping Bot is a lifesaver. This tool has meticulously designed APIs that ensure every byte of information is parsed for distinct product sectors. The information to be obtained can be discovered in the webpage's HTML courtesy of the web scraping API. The data is subsequently extracted and prepared for use as structured JSON.

Scraping Bot offers a raw HTML API that enables scraping HTML codes and keeps you from ending up blocked. Its Retail API ensures you can scrape every piece of information from a website, like price, description, etc. Its real estate API offers real estate data banks like listings, locations, prices, etc. Who can forget the search engines? With Scraping Bot, its search engine API's AI absorbs information from the search engine results. Social media is not left behind.

Scraping Bot also acts as a lead extractor software and allows you to extract information off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., with data on hashtags, likes, profiles, and more! It is an excellent tool for entities who need to gather precise commerce data or perhaps merely aggregate product information.


ParseHub is one of the most efficient web scraping services companies in the USA. The tool employs features like AJAX, JavaScript, and more to exploit machine learning advantages with help more than mere data extraction. Machine learning is a step forward that scans, decodes, and converts information into usable databases. It allows data extraction through CSS, RegEx, and XPATH selectors with HTML attributes.

ParseHub also enables you to convert your extracted data into multiple file formats like excel, google sheets, tables, etc. This visual web scraper is a browser-enabled tool with a graphic interface allowing text and jpeg extractions with more features available. The data storage system is entirely cloud-based, which makes the information available online within a few clicks and is robust enough to access numerous data touchpoints in a matter of seconds.

One of the most vital aspects, security, is prominent in Parse Hub. Out of multiple visual scrapers, Parse Hub operates via a sequence of IPs leading to a perfect sense of incognito. The tool may not be entirely free of cost and allows nearly five scraping attempts for free, but the subscription model ensures a complete set of 20 tasks.

Last but not least, we have, which does not fall far behind the race of web scraping services USA. is one of the leading web scraping services companies providing web scraping and intelligent automation tools for multiple niches. This product generates lead generation and automation outputs by employing data mining technology.

Price & promotions, product & availability, customer sentiment, category analytics, location-based analytics, and content & compliance are a few of the most thriving services provided by a visual scraper. ensures unmatched data quality with proprietary technology with flexibility and customization, driving the smartest dashboard and KPIs to meet every minute necessity of any business.

Dexi is the platform of choice for enterprise companies all around the globe thanks to its tried-and-true infrastructure and strong integration library.


We are approaching the new year of 2023 when businesses start afresh with competition likely to grow denser. These 5 web scraping services USA are the best in the market for 2023. BotScraper, out of all, is the most highly recommended web scraping tool with its legacy of being a market leader for the longest time. Feel free to contact us if you need web scraping services for your business. We would be happy to help you!

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