5 Python Web Scraping Libraries To Mining News Data

  • 15/11/2022

5 Python Web Scraping Libraries To Mining News Data

Python web scraping libraries are tools that govern some or much more elements of the web scraping process and are developed in the Python programming language. Choosing the best Python web scraping library to mine news data can become a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. Thus to simplify your task, here are 5 such Python web scraping libraries beneficial for mining news data.


Selenium is a popular choice for questions like how to do web scraping using Python. Now a Python library for productive news scraping, Selenium was an excellent tool for functioning with headless browsers and automated web scraping before the advent of JavaScript. Selenium has a lasting relationship with JavaScript with its compatibility with JavaScript-enabled websites.

Being one of the best web scraping services in the USA, Selenium offers exciting tools for news scrapers that simplify data extraction like screenshots, clickable buttons, form fillings, and more! Ruby, Java, Python, and node.js. Selenium facilitates a few languages with supporting browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and more. Handling a complete headless browser demands an extra set of resources beyond Python-enabled web scraping libraries.

This is one of the cons of Selenium, making it slightly sluggish and taxing against HTTP libraries. Indeed, the use of Selenium varies significantly on your outputs. Therefore, the use of this system for Python web scraping should be restricted to specific services.

Beautiful Soup

A name that resembles its legacy, Beautiful Soup is hands down one of the most excellent Python-based parsing libraries. The system enables news scrapers to extract heavy data through HTML and XML pages. The user experience of Beautiful Soup is inherently easy with its data touchpoints that export all the necessary information into the desired location and format.

This software facilitates innovative Python web scraping with a bundle of its inbuilt HTML parsers, namely HTML5lib and HTML. parser that allows multiple parsing techniques. Each of these parsers has unique abilities like speed and adaptability that aids the holistic process of web scraping Python.


Compared to Selenium, Beautiful Soup consumes lesser resources conveying lesser strain on usability. Concerning news scraping, this tool allows extracting elements in tabular or listicle formats. A handy tool for newbies, and small developers, they can quickly execute miniature projects using Beautiful Soup.

Nevertheless, it does not possess crawling powers, which requires installing an HTTP client to pinpoint the targeted web scraping page. Beautiful Soup is undoubtedly a worthy nomination of the most user-friendly web scraping library. One may create a simple scraper with just a few lines of code. Hugely popular, this library has a wealth of documentation and forums where you can find answers to practically any questions you might have.


News mining is a cakewalk with one of the most efficient web scraping services in the USA, lxml. lxml is a Python-premised library, and it is employed to parse HTML and XML documents to produce detailed and formatted results. One of the fascinating advantages of lxml is that it makes one of the best-performing libraries with close competition to the industry's best.

However, its structure is also vulnerable and easy to demolish. Another merit of using lxml for Python web scraping is its speed. The software tool leverages operating with minimal memory usage. Consequently, such a function helps lxml extract a significant amount of data. It also aids the easy conversion of data into Python data formats for easy access and purification of tasks. libxml2 and libxalt are two of the C libraries lxml is a wrapper to. These libraries are the driving forces making lxml much more elastic.

An important note, lxml isn't an ideal option for incompetent or inadequately crafted HTML pages. With the XML features, the software produces enough speed and native Python assurance. Finally, lxml enables a complete execution of XPath. Python web scraping via this method allows the identification of data fragments from XML formats while also supporting three schema languages to tailor a functional XML system.


The most common use case for Playwright has always been web-testing. However, the scraper community has applauded Playwright for its skills and competence in operating with JavaScript websites. Being a node.js library, Playwright supervises headless browsers using a sole API.

Playwright's most dynamic advantage is its capability of contending three significant browser sets: WebKit, Chromium, and Firefox. Additionally, Playwright is compatible with programming languages like TypeScript, Java, Python, C++, and .NET. Compared with Selenium to explore how to do web scraping using Python?

Playwright is a great fill-in for JavaScript-based web pages. Both these tools offer page navigation, uploads and downloads, text inputs, device adaptability, and much more. It does have an edge, though. It surpasses Selenium with more sophisticated systems like network control, location control, auto-waits, speedy delivery, and more.

Playwright is an ideal tool for small and large-scale news scraping with its capability of organising requests correspondingly and metachronously. The corresponding scrapers handle one request at a time aiding better efficiency for small projects. It is a better option compared to Selenium, but full browser use isn't beneficial for parsing, which makes Beautiful Soup a better choice under specific circumstances.


If you are not a fan of longer code lines, Request might be the option you are looking for. Python web scraping is facilitated exceptionally via Requests library, as it is Python's primary conventional portal for HTTP requests. Requests is created off urllib3, but news scrapers always opt for Requests and not of urllib3, as the former allows a user-friendly API.

Requests is a vital tool for smooth interaction with APIs and hence appear to be significant for small-sized projects as a candid connection with the APIs prevails and provides direct navigation to the desired information. Connection timeouts, SSL verification, and proxy integration are some of the additional features promoted by Requests making it one of the best web scraping services in the USA.

It also enables custom headers that funnel extra information directly through the servers, passing parameters within URLs with error detection and catering redirection. Requests is a well-liked choice for beginners because it's simple to use and install and has appropriate documentation.


Understand the requisites of your business model and the tools available at your disposal, and use the most relevant instrument for scraping news. A correct choice will ensure a smooth execution with minimal resources.

If you need to mine news data using advanced Python web scraping libraries, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best and most customized solution to handle all your data mining needs. Get in touch today!

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