5 reasons why Amazon is being scraped like crazy

  • 31/08/2017

Amazon is the among the largest online retailer in the world today with thousands of retailers and over million customers spanning the globe. Where there are multi-million users on a platform, it inadvertently becomes a huge data bank and that’s no less than a gold mine for enterprises.

One can hardly fathom the value that can be extracted from the humongous data bank that Amazon is. Right from customer behavior, customer demand, peer pricing right up to product ranking can be analyzed and worked upon via simple web scraping and data extraction services.

Here are the top 5 reasons why entrepreneurs are scraping amazon like crazy.

1.Understanding Amazon’s product ranking engine

While there’s a crazy sense of urgency among amazon retailers to get their products ranked on the first page, only a few really understand the methodology used by amazon to rank the products. Successive web scraping and analytics can unravel and provide deeper understandings about the element weightings and methodology adopted by amazon. This, in turn, will help the retailers tweak and present their products accordingly.

This is probably the most efficient way to cut through the noise and make your way into the top product rankings.

2.Customer profiles are important too

Recognizing the target segment is crucial to all businesses, including online retail. While there are hundreds of lead generation websites, Amazon is definitely not one of them. Amazon is pretty cautious about the privacy of its customers. However, the retailers resort to web scraping to extract data about the customers who have shopped for their products and study their spending habits to prepare and present more suitable combos thereby increasing sales.

3.Market research

While some commodity goods manufacturers would like to enter the retail market and offer their bulk produce, understanding the market demand is all the more crucial. A manufacturer-cum-retailer would be interested in knowing the most demanded type of product and the volumes demanded which can be extracted through data extraction and web scraping services.

4.Taking feedback seriously

One important way for online retailers to step up their game and thrive organically is by focusing on their product. The best way for a retailer to spot its weak spots is by paying heed to the critical reviews offered by customers.

Using web extraction and web scraping services ensure that the retailers are always well-informed about the thoughts in the customer’s head.

5.Eyeing peer strategy

While there can be over hundreds of retailers selling the same product over amazon, it is not humanly practical to continuously keep tracking the price movements and inventory levels offered by peers. However, using a web scraping API (Read: ) can keep an online retailer consistently updated about the ongoing in terms of pricings and volumes.

Continuously tracking the product mix offered by competitors helps the informed retailer take aa strategic call to place and position his product well against his competitors.

These reasons make Amazon one among the highest-frequency web-scraped website.

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