Analysis of Competitive Pricing for Competitive Pricing Strategy

  • 03/11/2022

Competitive Pricing for Competitive Pricing Strategy

Pricing is a lot more than putting a number on your product that exceeds the costs and meets your revenue targets. There are many techniques to approach a pricing strategy, like dynamic pricing, high-low pricing, skimming pricing, penetration pricing, value-based pricing, geographic pricing, and more. Here we are discussing competition-based pricing, also known as competitive pricing, and how exactly analyzing competitive pricing affects your business.

Competitive pricing strategy requires access to intricate details about your competition as the entire process is based on peer-to-peer competition. Here's how competitive price analysis will holistically help your business.

How Competitive Price Analysis Helps Businesses

Here are four ways competitive price analysis helps businesses.

Have A Bigger Slice Of The Pie

One of the fascinating advantages of pricing strategies is that it is not restricted to profits and revenue. While executing competitive pricing analysis, you will understand how your competition is pricing its products. It means competitive pricing data delivers the prices of each and every product your competitor offers.

Price data extracted by these open-source web crawlers will help you identify your place in the market. Using this data, you can alter your strategies and expand your market share. Next, you can leverage this information by decreasing prices on specific products where the elasticity is more. Such actions are common in the retail market with the loss leader pricing technique.

Position Better

You cannot enter the market without knowing it. The water must always be tested before the dive. Pricing your product without a clue about what the competition is doing is blind shooting which will never end well. You may end up pricing your product way too high, which will come off as too pricey. And low pricing will affect your profits and sustainability. So what is to be done?

Track the market prices using competitive pricing analysis software, which will give detailed data insights like the average market price, highs, lows, and many more parameters. A price strategy backed by intelligent data will help you take a market position and alter it.

Follow The Trend

Competitive price analysis is not restricted to market entry. With various internal and external factors, price fluctuation is inevitable. When the competition is changing its price, it may be due to multiple reasons. Such moments bring opportunities for expansion and bigger revenue numbers if played strategically.

This won't be possible without accurate data on how these prices are fluctuating. Web scraping services in the USA have now adopted robust open-source web crawlers that produce price results in real-time. Utilizing the same, you can stay up to date and alter your prices parallel to the market behavior.

Find The Right Spots

A competitive market makes one with numerous products and lower margins due to a massive range. However, the same variety also produces opportunities. Your competition may have a weaker pricing strategy on a product range.

The data acquired via your competitive price analysis will reveal these spots and enable you to target the specific area and conquer the competition's weak market. These situations are typical, with underrated products declined by consumers solely because of inappropriate pricing, which can be corrected using web scraping services in the USA.

Even though competition price analysis seems pretty straightforward, businesses fall short and end up indulging in off-track activities. Here are a few blunders to look out for.

Mistakes To Watch Out For During Competitive Price Analysis

Choosing Wrong Tools

Competitive analysis pricing is a very crucial instrument for extracting information. All your strategic decisions are based on the data extracted by these competitive pricing analysis software. A great piece of advice says half information is dangerous. What about wrong information? It's fatal.

There are exceptional web scraping services in the USA that offer high-tech functionalities. In a market so wide, an incompetent tool will be unable to browse through deep web pages providing you with incomplete and wrong statistics and insights. Decisions based on such false data will rule you out of the market, as a manual approach to verifying this information is tedious and contradicts the essence of adopting a software tool.

Not Understanding Distinction Pt. 1

With the recent e-commerce boom, every sector has moved its operations online. The strategies implemented for a brick-and-mortar model are pretty different from the online ecosystem. Businesses make common mistakes like not comprehending the difference between online and offline functionality.

Ecommerce prices constantly fluctuate due to the traction and competition in the internet space. Your data isn't updated if you aren't adopting competitive pricing analysis and only tracking your competition's physical store prices. Their online prices will be far more competitive considering a larger footfall and many different reasons. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure a distinction between online and offline businesses and track their information by employing web scraping services in the USA.

Not Understanding Distinction Pt. 2

Who exactly is your competition? A business that engages in the same product as yours or with your target audience at a price close to yours. Is that it? No. There exist entities that affect your revenue and profits not explicitly but quite indirectly. These are engaged in your product category but cater to the audience looking for goals similar to those you fulfill.

They have strategies distinct from your business that nonetheless need to be tapped by a holistic analysis of the market segments and competitive pricing data. The best way to meet these requirements is to adopt open source web crawlers with exceptional reach and powerful results.

Irrelevant Pricing

Indeed, the comparison of direct and indirect competition clears the air on how the market looks like. Being informed and aware of the space you are competing in is of utmost importance, considering the intelligent competition. However, one should not lose sight of the ground-zero dynamic.

A pricing strategy should be relevant to the product that sits right beside yours in the retail cabinet. Where the competitive pricing analysis software deposits information on every possible competition, the focus should not differ from the current competition. There needs to be a clear understanding of actionable insights and motoring insights.

Parting Thoughts

Pricing strategies can be tricky if not planned correctly. Concerning competitive pricing strategy, consistent update and follow-up on rival movements is the only way to ensure you are still a part of the race. Therefore, adopt only the most efficient competitive pricing analysis software from the best web scraping services in the USA.

If you need to conduct competitive pricing analysis using the best web scraping services, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out!

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