Applications of website scraping with regards to digital marketing

  • 30/06/2021

Web scraping is a way to extract the desired data from the internet including data extraction from links, social media websites, search engine result pages etc. Nowadays, data scraping needs are on high demand.

Web scraping is doing the same thing, but the data is extracted using a program, not manually. Robots or bots are the ones that automate all the work to scrap data from website. And it is that the most valuable resource today is no longer oil, it is data.

Applications of digital marketing

In any marketing department, most actions are for yesterday. Having tools that help you better manage deadlines is appreciated. It is always fruitful to educate your team members on how to scrap data from a website and how it is useful:

  • Create a database with whatever you want: emails, telephones, addresses, companies, statistical data, etc.
  • Obtain data from the competition, to do benchmarking.
  • Monitor the competition, control, and track and generate alerts to know when competitors update their product or service catalogs, renew their website, write about a specific topic, mention our products...
  • Know the online reputation of the competition.
  • Know your own online reputation and control the presence of your brand name in certain forums.
  • Trend hunting: What brands, products or people are going to be talking about in the coming months?
  • Optimize prices of online stores, through the historical analysis of the competition.
  • Know the search results in Google for various keywords. Identify the positions in these results, type of content, and much more.
  • Content Marketing. Obtain specific data from websites to generate your own content. Or get relevant content in other languages??That when translated becomes original content.
  • Gain visibility in social networks: You can use the data to interact through a robot with users in social networks
  • Generate website and image tag data to create image classification models.
  • Extract comments from users and e-commerce sites like Amazon.
  • Detect influencers: It would be very useful information to plan your digital marketing campaign.
  • Ecommerce optimization. Select which picture to show as featured, which product categorization works best, which niche is free in a specific market, etc.
  • Copy Optimization: You will be able to know which grammar structures attract the attention of readers, analyzing, for example, the titles of the videos with the most views.

Events: extract information about the events of a certain vertical in a geographic area and create a list.

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