Are you protecting your digital repute? Web scraping can protect you from the imminent disaster.

  • 04/08/2017

In a recent study published by Moz, it was observed that over 67% of online shoppers pay little to absolute premium on reviews while taking buying decisions. This number is too big for any business – big or small to ignore.

While the world is becoming smaller with the recent offtake in internet as a medium, protecting your digital repute has become crucial than ever. While restaurant & movie reviews have blatantly established a cause-effect relationship between online repute and profitability, the effect is similar throughout other lines of business as well.

Remember the time you wanted to buy the latest gadget which would burn a small hole in your pocket? What was the first thing you did after you set your heart on it? Checked the online reviews, right?

This is the exact behavior which is being reproduced everyday by millions of prospects all around the globe.

So, what is digital repute management all about?

Digital repute management is about constantly tracking online reviews and posts highlighting an opinion about your product/service/brand and flagging all negative events. Once negative & critical literature is flagged, then comes the time for disaster management.

Statistically, almost 84% of the total e-shoppers suggest that the reviews and literature about a certain organization or product/service has a huge influence on their buying decision. This is too big a figure to ignore.

How to manage your digital reputation through web scraping services?

While a simple google search can lead you to content related to your brand, it is not necessarily a fool-proof method to conduct an analysis. In its very essence, a search engine barely scrapes the surface of the vast internet content base to produce search results and this may not necessarily generate hundred percent cases as a result.

Web scraping as a service uses sophisticated technology to fish through the trillion-ton content ocean over the internet to fetch relevant and related content and present it in a consumable format.

Availing high-quality web scraping services can smoothen the tedious and heavy-duty task of manual research and offers data which is insight-driven.

Following are a few reasons why web-scraping and data-extraction is a go-to service to help you with your digital reputation woes.

  • Quicker redressal TAT: With an automated system that continuously uploads and downloads data feeds to fetch relevant and related data, you are aware of all related web-activities on almost a real-time basis. This lets you address a sprouting decay at the very outset.
  • Better vigilance: While a manual search engine research may not pop up all the related results, web scraping as a service ensures that the depths of the internet are scanned to extract relevant data
  • Easier collation: Collating data is quite a stressful and laborious job as far as manual efforts are concerned. Using web scraping and data extraction services ensure that the data is pre-formatted and reaches you at a frequency and format of your choice. This is ready-to-consume.
  • Efficient analysis: The best part about using high quality data is that you can generate quality insights and draw efficient analysis which bends meaningfully into your reputation management strategy.

Digital repute is important and the best way to go about with managing it is through BotScraper’s web scraping and data extraction products.

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