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  • 26/05/2020

Scraping social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. is an uphill undertaking for domestic data acquisition departments of most companies, as these sites have complicated structures and also place limits on the amount and regularity of the data that they give out to crawlers. This type of undertaking is best left to a professional, for example, Botscraper’s Social Media Data Acquisition Service –that can deal with your A-Z needs and furnish you with the sought-after data in a negligible frame of time. A number of most sought-after social networking sites, for example, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook enable crawlers to extract data exclusively by dint of their personal API (Application Programming Interface), in order to check the amount of information with regards to their users and their activities.

Social Media Scraping Experts

At BotScraper, we are a team of experts possessing extensive experience in crawling and social media data scraping in real-time. The data can be acquired from a variety of sources, for example, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, blogs, news, reviews, etc. Trendy usage of this data is in brand supervision, trend watching, sentiment/competitor analysis & customer service, etc.

Our social media data scraping tools are instrumental in extracting data because of particular keywords, categories, geographies, or an amalgamation of these. We can also deal with a variety of complexities, for example, multiple languages in addition to Tweets and profiles of specific users (based on keywords or geographies). Sample XML data can be accessed through this link –

Can all social media sites be scraped?

Facebook, LinkedIn and some other analogous sites have mechanisms in place to obstruct scraping bots. It is not feasible to crawl and extract data from these sites. A variety of other well-liked websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. can be scraped. The data derived from these sites hold so much value, as it can reveal insights about your business from the consumer’s viewpoint.

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