BotScraper Offers the Best Search Engine Results Page Scraping Service

  • 20/02/2020

If you are looking to create a new web directory-based website and want it to make a rage with the up-to-the-minute web contents, then you need the help of search engine results page scraping service offered by BotScraper. Also, if you are looking to scrape address from maps, then you can take help of a dedicated web scraping tool (designed by BotScraper) that can carry out the job for you. You can avail of a lot of benefits with web scraping. These include:

-Market research
-Gathering customer information
-Managing product catalogs
-Compare prices
-Collect real estate data
-Collect job posting information etc.

Web scraping technology is at the helm of popularity these days, as it helps save a plenty of time and effort involved in manual data extraction from websites.

  • You can use this Search Engine maps scraper
  • To gather email address from Search Engine maps of would-be customers for your email marketing campaign to market your products.
  • You can look for pertinent information about customer products on Search Engine maps website.
  • Take out longitude & latitude of company list or any address list.
  • Take out store address from Search Engine maps.
  • Scrape address from Maps.
  • Scrape phone & fax number from location on Search Engine maps.
  • Scrape search engine result from search engine maps.
  • Extract company names from specific location on search engine maps.
  • Extract targeted information from targeted location on Search Engine maps.

The search engine maps scraper tools developed by BotScraper is very easy to use and can extract exact information from specific location on search engine maps. It transforms data from HTML web pages into handy formats such as Excel spreadsheets or Access database. Irrespective of the web scraping needs you have, you can get in touch with BotScraper, as they possess over a decade of experience in web data extraction, search engine results page scraping and offer the most competitive prices in the business. Also, their services are accessible in 24x7 basis and free pilot projects will be carried out depending on request. Please visit to get complete information on search engine results page scraping.


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