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  • 18/03/2020

Web Data Extraction is the process pulling data from designated sites. Web data extraction can be performed by manual effort or by automated system. Option is up to on you for which you need to go with. The software used in web data extraction can automatically log into sites, recognize emails, links, even recognize snail mail addresses from a free formatted text. It takes unstructured data from the web html pages and converts it to into structured records which are easy to access. In order to Extract Web Data, it is essential that you identify specific sites from which the search should be carried out. It is also important to identify the specific information that needs to be extracted, as this will offer an easy process of extracting data from the designated sites.

At BotScraper, one of the predominant web scraping companies, we use a wide variety of formats at Data processing India to Extract Data From Website on behalf of our clients and it is important that you choose a good format that will allow you to get the right data from a website. The database format could be Excel, CSV, Access, MSSQL and MySQL. By extracting data from a specific website, you will save more time and money and you can generate more leads to the site. You can run web data extraction services any time on your own and if it becomes hard, it is advisable to choose data extraction companies for web screen scrapping services. We are one of the most reputable and experienced web scraping companies and we offer web data extraction services that suit your needs.

Outsource data extraction work requirement to us on and get work completed in a quick turnaround time. BotScraper has carved a niche for itself by offering web scraping services that are absolutely one of a kind. The services are rendered by our professionals who are very good at dealing with codes and algorithms and in a fast way. For more information on web scraping services or if you want to utilize them, please visit, which is one of the best web scraping companies now. 

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