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  • 22/05/2020

Are you still engaged with your manpower to collect database from various online sources? Don’t you think you are wasting your time? You can outsource that work to another company also. Another better option is accomplishing that kind of work with help of automated tools in order to save time and increase the accuracy. Get scraper, extractor, bots for your data collection requirement. At Botscraper, we are recognized as one of the premier web scraping companies and we can build tools for you and we are satisfactorily capable of extracting database from any of desired websites or business directory.

At Botscraper, we are the team of highly skilled professionals and expertise in developing scraper and extractor. We can develop scraper for you that can make your life easier. Come up with us your exact work requirements and we will provide you with the best solutions so you can get quality result and save your costly time.

We have been in the web scraping industry for over a decade and have worked with many clients so we have strong clientele. You can trust on us and fix the deal of data scraping development as well as data scraping work.

The following are the most common scraper/bot/extraction for which our clients ask us:

  • Facebook scraper
  • Email scraper
  • Yellow pages scraper
  • Google keyword tool scraper
  • eBay scraper
  • Article scraper
  • Wordpress scraper
  • Amazon scraper
  • Backpage scraper
  • Proxy scraper
  • Youtube scraper
  • Yelp scraper
  • Yell scraper
  • Googlemap data scraper
  • Email extractor
  • eBay extractor
  • eBay email extractor
  • Data extractor
  • Yellow pages extractor
  • Facebook email extractor
  • Web content extractor
  • Kijiji email extractor
  • Address mail collector extractor
  • Myspace extractor
  • Myspace email extractor
  • Resume extractor
  • Amazon data extractor
  • Paypal history extractor
  • Email extractor monster
  • Googlemap data extractor etc.

Simply send us your extractor details for web data extraction:

  1. Which web sites you are targeting?
  2. What data you need to extract?
  3. The number of search results required.
  4. Send us your output preferences


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