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  • 11/03/2020

Web data scraping is the essential service now a days to gather data fields for desire database; it’s more beneficial for a database company and organization planning to introduce their products and services to targeted audience. Web scraping services can be used for several reasons provided that you are planning to build own directory, email marketing, planning for database selling websites, etc. Web data scraping refers to the information scraped from web resource given by your or managed by ourselves and provide exactly same result which you are expecting. For more information contact us on,


Sources to Extract Data
Do you have a source website URL from where you wish to extract web contents and deliver results in the shortest time or you wish us to manage us? We at BotScraper are fine with both if you can provide source URL that would be really great otherwise we are open to suggest sources as per your targeted audience.


Fields Wish Us to Scrape

We are very much experienced in web information scraping and data processing needs; capable enough to deliver the information you required. The basic fields clients ask us to scrape from online web resources are contact details like business name, address, city, state, postal code, phone, email and website URL. If you wish us to scrape other details like product information, Meta data, Google search results listing and website content extraction, then it is not an issue. We will not disappoint you and give you whatever you required.


Sample Output and Output Format

As per your requirement source and fields you require; our professionals will create sample output (xls, xlsx, csv) for you to verify whatever the fields you require and to check the work quality, on the basis of your valuable comments and suggestion, we can move ahead and finish work as soon as possible.


Quality, Time Delivery and Affordable Pricing
Email us the expected time duration to complete work with project requirement, so we will complete before the committed time duration. If you require priority web scraping services to get your project completed within 12 to 24 hrs, don’t hesitate and contact us. We will deliver the lowest possible industry price quote for your web data scraping needs.

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