Content Marketing: A Tried and True Way To Promote Your Websites Exceptionally

  • 17/06/2019

Why Content Marketing?

If you may not be mindful of content marketing and its need, it is time to understand the need of content marketing and the ways to get popularized through it. Upsurge of websites in the internet ocean may be a cause for you to get lost in it. Uncountable websites are created and hosted every day. According to a survey, there are more than 185,497,213 (185 million websites on the World Wide Web). With recession, it is high time for every web marketers to realize the need of content marketing. Promoting a website to drive more traffic and to get ranked by search engines through content marketing is equally important as creating a content rich and catchy website in this challenging situation.

How is content marketing done?

In content marketing content is the king; so it is essential to write contents to impress the readers. The written content must be interesting and should create an enthusiasm to the audience. In order to write a quality content, a thorough search on the topic of the content must be done in Wikipedia, blogs, encyclopedias, and various search engines like Google. The content must include a catchy title to grasp the readers, brief introduction of the topic, full story and the bottom line. It should also contain a resource box that includes the details about the author and his expertise areas. One or two links of the website can be provided in the resource box. The content must contain optimum keywords. If I have to put it in nutshell, the content must be crisp and short, a benefit to the reader. It is preferable to submit the contents using manual submission method as there are more chances of rejection in automated submission by placing the content in unsuitable categories. The written contents must be submitted to popular content directories like ezine, contentdashboard, contentbase, contentalluy, gocontent etc. These contents will be only approved if the written content fulfills the guidelines of the directories.

Benefits of content marketing

Once the contents are approved the contents will be syndicated to various websites and blogs. These syndicated contents aids to get unique quality back links to the site. This in turn increases the traffic to the site. The ranking of the website increases in search engine results with more number of visitors. A good and attractive content will be recommended by the reader to his friend or colleague who in turn visits your site. This increases the visibility of the site. Altogether with content marketing, increased visitors and easy capture by search engine bots increase the overall growth of the business and profit. The website will become popularized in a bout.

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