Different Methods for Web Data Extraction

  • 27/05/2019

Online data scraping services are probably the most widely used technique traditionally used to transfer data from web pages to a regular expression to the piece you want for a specific purpose in mind. In fact, this is precisely the reason our screen scraper software written in Perl started as an application. Besides the regular expressions, you can also do something like Java or Active Server Pages written some code for a large part of the text can be used to decompose.

What is the best way to retrieve data? It really depends on what your needs are, and what resources you have at your disposal.

1. Rough regular expressions and code


- If you already are familiar with regular expressions and at least one programming language, it can be a quick fix.

- Regular expression "vagueness" of matching this material may not break into small changes to allow for a reasonable amount.


- They have a lot of experience with those who do not have to be complicated. Learning Perl regular expressions do not like to go to Java. The Pearl of the XSLT, where you see the problem in a completely different way to wrap your mind around is more like you.

-They are often confusing to analyze. Regular expressions people e-mail address, something as simple as a match is made and you'll see what I mean, take a look through some of the.

2. Ontologism and Artificial Intelligence


- Data models are usually built in. For example, if you are extracting data from websites about cars extraction engine already know, model, price and what you do, so it is easily able to map the existing data structures (for example, in the right places to the data in your database).

-Relatively low long-term maintenance.


-Such an engine to make it much more difficult to work with.

-Have to deal with. Data search sites such as crawling web pages you get to where you want the data to retrieve processes.

3. Screen scraping software


-Most of the stuff of complex Abstracts. The regular expression, HTTP, or cookies without knowing anything about the screen scraping applications can some very sophisticated things.

- Drastically time to show a scraped place decreases. Once you scrape a particular application screen scraping places compared to other ways to the amount of time needed to learn to reduce.


- Learning curve. Screen scraping each application has its own way of doing things. How it works familiar with the application, in addition to learning a new scripting language are represented.

- A possible cost. Most ready-to-go screen-scraping applications are commercial, so you will likely be paying in dollars as well as time for this solution.


When using this approach, online data scraping services are ease of use, price, suitability, and dealing with a wide range of very different scenarios. Chances are that if you do not mind a bit, you will find yourself using one can be a significant timesaving.

You need not look further than to find the most effective and time-tested online data scraping services that are available at a price you will need not to consider twice.

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