Different types of Web Scraping Services

  • 06/05/2021

Web scraping services
Website data scraping refers to extracting information from websites that may belong to any industry and that can be an online business directory, product websites, Google map, search engines, individuals directory, property portals, social networking websites, news websites, financial stocks websites, entertainment websites, tours travel websites, hotels websites, etc.


Business Contact Scraping from Online Business Directory

For more than a decade, Botscraper has been a leader in helping offshore clients with our web scraping services and data processing services. The most common business directories are listed below from our clients ask us to verify the database.

- USA Yellowpages

- Australia Yellowpages

- Yelp

- Yell

- Scoot

Product Information Scraping from eBay, Amazon and Product Websites

Basic purpose of product scraping is to display the same product to own online store that may be separate website or on eBay, Amazon stores. Contact us with the category list or exact web URL so we can scrape product information for you. Here is the list of product information are listed below:

- Product Title

- Product Id

- Product Description

- Product Price

- Product Images

- Product Category


Data Scraping from Google Search Results

Google is the most powerful search engine at present and over 50% of web users prefer Google as their primary search engine. Getting a good rank in search engine is possible because of technical efforts. Do you require data from search listing. At Bot Scraper, we are capable enough of capturing data for you from search results and contact business contacts. Also capable of scraping Google featured listings contact details.


Scrape Contact from Individuals Directory

Service providers and product suppliers need to promote their services and products to the specific audience, before they need to identify the targeted audience, once it is identified, we can go for email database and mailing database and possible resources can be a directory. Many business owners needed lawyers’ database, doctors databases, restaurants database, hotels database, dentists, plumber, electricians, contractor, auto dealers, car dealers, accountants database. In that case, we can scrape from their respective directories like as lawyers directory, doctors directory, dentists directory, restaurants directory, etc.

So if you are interested in hiring web scraping services we at BotScraper offer, then please contact us at We assure you that our services will deliver you the best experience of scraping services. Our rates are also very affordable, so you need not consider anything twice while hiring our services.

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