Discussing how Useful is a Web Data Extraction Process

  • 29/04/2020

Whether it is a small-sized or a large-sized business, market research and surveys largely contribute to strategic-decision making. Techniques such as web scrapping and data extraction are quite instrumental in finding valuable information and data for your business or personal use. More often than not, professionals manually copy and paste data from web pages or download an entire website which ends good for nothing with the exception of laying waste to time and efforts.

As a good alternative, using web scraping techniques that crawl through a host of website pages to derive specific information and at the same time store this information into a catalog, CSV file, XML file or any other custom format for potential reference.


Examples of web data extraction process include:

• Spider a government online source, drawing out names of citizens for a survey

• Crawl competitor websites to ensure pricing of products/services and feature data

• Use web scraping to download images from a stock photography site for website design

Using Facebook and LinkedIn scraper information related to different professionals on a website can be collected.


Automated Data Collection

Web scraping also enables you to keep a tab on website data changes over a stipulated period and gather these data on a scheduled basis automatically. Automated data collection helps you discover market trends, resolve user behavior and foresee how data will change in the future.


Examples of automated data collection include:

• keep a tab on price information for selected stocks on an hourly basis

• Collect mortgage rates from a diversity of financial firms on a regular basis

• Check whether reports on steady basis as and when needed


Utilizing the world-class and proven web data extraction services of Botscraper, you can mine any data concerning with your business objective, download them into a worksheet so that they can be canvassed and compared easily.


Therefore, whether you are looking to get information from LinkedIn through LinkedIn Scraper, or any other website, using, you can look forward to delivering accurate and faster results saving a lot of person-hours and money!

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