Discussing the data extraction software designed by Botscarper

  • 13/06/2019

Overview of Botscraper’s data extraction software

BotScraper, a leading web scraping company, takes immense pride in presenting the most powerful web data extraction software which is an easy-to-use graphical application that helps to extract specific information such as product pricing data, pictures, videos, hyperlinks, web tables, online database and graphics from web pages. By using the tool, you can automatically get the lists of meta-tags, hyperlinks, phone numbers, emails, fax numbers and you can export the data in any format of your choice. There are many precise configuration settings, filters and other parameters available in web table extractor which allows extracting any type of data from websites and online databases.


It is fast and reliable method for extracting URL and specific information from web directories like Yahoo, Google and other websites. Web info extractor is a powerful tool for web content analysis, web data extraction and web harvesting. Web link extractor can extract unstructured data from web sites, convert them to organized format and store them in database or local file and or them in web server. You can use web info extractor for duplicating an online database, extracting content from job portals, social networking sites, news websites, sports websites, online forums etc.


The benefits of web info extractor are easy to use graphical user-interface Wizard driven interface with custom configuration settings, which make it simple for designing extraction tasks without using complex templates monitor the updates in web pages or URLS and extract updated contents from them Support for multi tasking which allows extraction from multiple web pages at same time. Web link extractor can be used for extracting hyper links and web info extractor can be used for images, videos, email address and textual data.


The web info extractor developed by Botscraper’s scraping services can be used for data extraction and data scrubbing. They are designed using Java, PHP, Perl and VB 6.0. Botscraper’s scraping services has various data extraction tools that allow to extract contents from multiple web pages simultaneously and export them to different format like My-SQL, XML, MS-Sql, CSV, Access or text format. Botscraper’s scraping services provides data extraction services at low cost with high quality. They are known for reliability, security and stability in their data extraction services.

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