Discussing the nitty-gritty of web scraping services

  • 14/05/2020

Web scraping services are the services that are used to collect data from websites. Through automated processes, implemented using a bot tracker, this type of “scraping” of information is a way of making copies of data where specific information is collected and copied from the web, typically in a central database or spreadsheet, for later recovery or analysis.

This tool can be considered very useful for many professionals, such as marketing, for example, because it facilitates the search, manipulation and analysis of data for the optimization of sales and customization of customer service, so much so that several legitimate businesses use it with this goal.

However, web scraping has become a malicious practice used by criminals to steal protected content and commit fraud, passing on information about a company's products and services to the competition, which can cause great damage to business.

The bots used for this purpose are able to saturate the servers of a corporation's website and make them unavailable to customers who are accessing it. Thus, criminals create replicas of the content, offering products from other companies, with lower prices, to deceive and attract customers to buy from the competition.

Due to this problem, many organizations are losing customers and, consequently, decreasing their sales, in addition to having their copyright infringed and confidential data stolen. Therefore, it is essential that they invest in online security strategies to protect their data and provide a safe place for their customers to buy and make their information available.

They should look to the market for an efficient protection solution that provides visibility of all traffic on their sites and that can differentiate the context to identify when actions are legitimate or not, in addition to banning those that are quickly defined as malicious.

In addition, some solutions have the advantage of having methods that prevent web scraping, detecting and disregarding bots for crawling pages on the Internet. To be truly ready to protect their online businesses, companies need to be aware of all the dangers that can arise and not just web scraping services, as cybercrime is always evolving and becoming more undetectable. 

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