Discussing two popular web data extractors

  • 14/06/2021

Web data extraction is an important process utilized by various organizations in the world. If you are intrigued to learn some of the best and most popular web data extractors, this blog is for you. Here we discuss only two web data extractors viz. and - Transform the unstructured data of a website into structured data

This is a very interesting application to consider.

Even so, it is somewhat complex and it is better to control some programming languages ??such as JavaScript, HTML or PHP if you are going to use it within your arsenal of tools and want to get its full potential. provides you with direct access to thousands of online information sources to extract structured data.

The data extracted is offered from websites in more than 240 languages ??(blogs, news sites, ecommerce and deep web) and in different formats such as XML, RSS or JASON.

If you learn to use this app, you will be able to extract:

  • mentions of people, products or services
  • price lists for a certain product
  • positive or negative reviews of companies and products

The advantage of this application is that it offers from a single APi access to multiple data channels, allowing up to 1000 requests per month in your free account. the web scraper for those who master JavaScript

Apifier is a tool that extracts data from web pages using a few lines of JavaScript code.

So to get the full potential of this tool you need to know some JavaScript.

It allows to obtain the data in CSV, JSON, XML and RSS.

It is an affordable tool since it has a free plan and payment plans start at $ 19 per month.

It is specially designed for research projects and competition monitoring.

To learn more about web data extractor and want to utilize the tool, then Botscraper will come into handy for you easily. To learn how Botscraper can stand in good stead for you, then please visit now.

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