Discussing web scraping in brief and differences between data collection and data tracking

  • 17/05/2020

Data Scraping

There are plenty of data scraping tools available on the World Wide Web. Utilizing these handy tools, without any concern, you can download a great amount of data. Over the last decade, the Internet revolution has turned the world into a great hub of information. You can find simply any type of information from the World Wide Web. However, if specific information about a job, you need to find more websites.

The way to prevent content scraping

When it comes to preventing content scraping, the only way is to avoid placing content on a website completely. More realistic methods include hiding important content behind user authentication, where it is easier to track users and highlight harmful behavior.

Difference between data collection and data tracking

Crawling basically refers to the process that major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, among others, perform when sending their crawler robots, such as Google's Googlebot, to the network to index Internet content.

A web scraping bot, on the other hand, is typically structured specifically to extract data from a specific website.

Here are three of the practices a scraper will engage in that are different from the behavior of the web crawler:

1. A web scraping will pretend to be web browsers, in which a crawler will indicate their purpose and will not try to deceive a website by making it think that it is something it is not.

2. Sometimes a web scraping bot performs advanced actions, such as filling out forms or engaging in behaviors to reach a certain part of the site. Crawlers do not.

3. Scrapers generally do not take into account the robots.txt file, which is a text file that contains information specifically designed to tell web crawlers what data to analyze and which areas of the site to avoid. Since a scraper is designed to extract specific content, it can be designed to extract content explicitly marked to be ignored.

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