Discussing what web data scraping is and what is fundamentally used for

  • 22/05/2021

Surely you have ever wondered what web scraping is. It is a process of using bots to extract content and data from a website. In this way, the HTML code is extracted. And, with it, the data stored in the database.  This means that all website content can be duplicated or copied elsewhere.

Web data scraping is used by many digital companies that are dedicated to compiling databases. To better clarify what web data scraping is, you should know what are its legitimate use cases:

  • Search engine robots crawl a site, analyze its content, and then rank it.
  • Price comparison sites that implement bots to automatically fetch prices and product descriptions for partner seller websites.
  • Market research companies that use it to extract data from forums and social networks.

For more information on what web data scraping is, you should know that it is also used for illegal purposes. Including price scraping and copyrighted content theft. An affected digital entity can suffer serious financial losses, especially if it is a business that relies primarily on competitive pricing models or offers in content distribution.

Web data scraping tools are software, that are, bots programmed to examine database and extract information. A wide variety of bot types is used, many of them are fully customizable to:

  • Recognize unique HTML site structures.
  • Extract and transform content.
  • Store data.
  • Extract data from APIs.

Since all bots use the same system to access site data, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between legitimate bots and malicious bots.

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