Everything You Need to Know About Web Scraping Services

  • 17/04/2022

What Is Web Scraping Services UK?

Web scraping refers to the process of data extraction from the web. The extracted data can be further manipulated and used in multiple ways and in multiple web operations. Web scraping services UK is useful in cases of web pages without an API (Application Programming Interface). This automated process of structured data extraction is most commonly used for lead generation, price monitoring, news monitoring, market research, price intelligence, etc. In general used by individuals or companies looking to make use of a large ocean of publicly available data, using them for future decisions or developments. Copy-pasting web content is a small-scale manual web scraping process that was further introduced with an automated method of web scraping, capable of extracting millions of data points effortlessly.

What Is Web Scraping Best Used For?

Web scraping (data scraping) has various applications in the modern digital world. With the power of extracting structured data from any public website, web scraping services UK is most commonly used for business analysis. Data scraping is used for competitor price monitoring in the e-commerce world. This information can only be extracted through web scraping and is an important research method for an e-commerce business, making them ahead in the game by breaking through the price barrier of the competition. Market research plays a vital role in the success of any business or product.

Web scraping fulfils major requirements of market research by analyzing sentimental consumer value, price monitoring, feedback reports, product reviews, etc. Data scraping also has remarkable functions in the financial industry. Investment strategies and calls are created by extracting insight data from news stories.

Financial companies and Insurance departments use web data extraction to create new and modify old policies and services based on consumer data and feedback. Web scraping tools are also used in other digital sectors like journalism, news and reputation monitoring, risk management, real estate, lead generation, data-driven marketing, SEO monitoring, academic research, and much more.

How Does Web Scraping Services UK Work?

Web Scraping services UK is a subpart of the web data extraction process, followed by the process of the crawler. Web scraper follows the crawler to extract the data from the desired source. Following is a basic insight into the complete process of data extraction:


The Crawler

A web crawler is an AI (Artificial intelligence) based program responsible for browsing the internet to search, analyze and index content by exploring, browsing and following. A web crawler, also known as a spider, crawls the web or the provided target website for data and URLs, which are then analyzed and carried forward to the scraper for the final data extraction.

The Scraper

The web scraper, generally known as a data scraper, is a program designed to quickly extract structured data from the desired websites and URLs carried forward by the crawler. Data selectors (locators) are an important part of the web scrapers responsible for extracting targeted data from the provided HTML file, mostly in CSS selectors, regex, Xpath, etc. The design and complexity of a web scraping change and vary according to the project.

What Are the Types of Web Scraping Services UK?

Web scraping services UK have gained major popularity in the past few years, with the rise in tech awareness. Companies provide expert web scraping services to extract structured data for multiple digital purposes.

Common web scraping services are as follows:

  • Social Network Scraping - Scraping Social Media Networks data in a structured format. This includes scraping data such as the number of followers, likes and comments on posts, and other related data.
  • Search Engine Scraping - Scrape the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) into extracted data. This helps find out where you and your competitors stand and how well are you ranking for relevant keywords.
  • E-commerce Platform Scraping - Scrape any e-commerce platform for price monitoring, sentimental consumer analysis, product reviews, etc., in structured data.
  • Custom Scraping - Custom scraping provides freedom to target a particular webpage or context. Custom scraping includes crawling any targeted website using javascript to scrape dynamic as well as static websites.

What Are the Advantages of Web Scraping Services?

The advantages of web scraping for businesses and individuals are as follows:

  1. Time-Saving - Time-saving is the key property of web scraping services. Manual data scraping is a very lengthy and highly time-consuming process. On the other hand, web scraping can scrape multiple websites and source pages for data at the same time and needs no in-process attention. Depending on the size of the webpage and provided data, a web scraper can save time up to 200% as compared to manual data extraction.
  2. Cost-Effective - Time is money. The more time you save, the more money you save. Apart from that, web scraping services are remarkably cheap as compared to manual data extraction rates and looking at the work done. Web scraper also eliminates the need for an extra employee associated with the extraction, analysis and organization of extracted data, which further leads to termination of the whole manual process and its expenses.
  3. Performance Reliability - Web scraping services UK provide reliable data with zero to negligible errors, providing trustworthy data to analyze and use for major future decisions. In the market sectors like finance, pricing, and time-sensitive projects, small errors can create a huge downfall for the business, and if it goes underseen, that can highly affect the main purpose of web scraping.
  4. Low maintenance cost - Tech and Web is a rapidly developing sector. As a result, web pages develop and change their design, layout, etc. The web scraper is responsible for the extraction of updates leading to additional expenses, which is remarkably low as compared to the manual process, resulting in low maintenance cost per project.


Web scraping is a necessity for surviving in the digital world and cutting through the saturated market. Web scraping services UK tend to generate and gather data and analysis in a highly time-effective manner and save tons of manual labour and expenses, providing a business or individual an all-around solution to web data scraping. With the high-reliability factor, web scraping services are helping companies grow in various ways.

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