Factors to consider when choosing a web scraping method

  • 07/06/2021

When selecting a web scraping method to use, there are a few factors to consider. In addition to the effects that these factors have on the cost of your web scraping, they also determine the quality of the data you obtain.


 Scraping frequency

If you plan to scrape large volumes of data frequently, the website you are scraping from might crash you after a while. In that case, you should make sure that your web scraping tool has IP rotation to avoid blocking. Octoparse has automatic IP rotation on its cloud extraction, as well as manual configuration for those who want to add custom proxies for rotation.


Unlike other web scraping tools, Octoparse allows you to add custom IP addresses at no additional cost. Click here to read more about IP rotation.


The number of sites you need to extract data from

Before choosing a scraping method, you should consider the number of websites that you need to extract data. Managing scraping tasks for so many websites can be a bit difficult. Many companies offering web scraping services prefer to opt for web scraping services where they would not have to worry about any work.


If you prefer to do it yourself, be sure to use a web scraping tool capable of handling your task and meeting your goals. Alternatively, you can hire a team or a freelancer to save time.


Now that you know how much web scraping services cost, the next step is to obtain and integrate the tool or service that suits your budget and meets your needs. Octoparse is a great option because it gives you a lot of great features at a very reasonable price.

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