Features of a Top Lead extractor software

  • 25/02/2020

These days, communication among people via Skype, or SMS message has become quite common than sending bulk marketing emails. Some high-ranking Lead Extractor Software will find and gather contact information for you within a few minutes, and you can spend on the time you save on yourself.

A top Lead Extractor is instrumental in extracting a host of email addresses including Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs from the web.

A premier Lead Extractor software supports targeted searches such as advanced search of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It comes with an option to pull out the selected or all kinds of information, for example, email addresses, phone numbers, messengers’ ids (Skype, ICQ, MSN, and yahoo). A top leading extractor also features an extensive list of customizable options so that you can modify your search and search results according to your targets and needs.

Email Extractor

A top lead extractor makes search of email addresses. As a result of the multithreading power of the software, the process runs rapidly, and towards the closure of the process, you are rendered with a list of emails of potential clients.

Phone Extractor

Search phone numbers on specific sites, or search by keyword, choose relevant sites in search engines.

Instant Contact Extractor

The software is instrumental in not only finding email addresses and phone numbers, but also data such as Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger IDs. You do not need any extra plug-in for this.

Save Bandwidth and Time

To put aside bandwidth and your pricey time "Top Lead Extractor" features an option "Don't allow recrawling of already crawled pages in new searches".

Auto-save and Recovery

At times, computer/software shutdowns without prior notice; do not fret; you can pick up your search results simply by clicking your mouse once.

Internet Failure Detector

Top Lead Extractor automatically pauses/resumes on the internet breakdown during the dispensation.

Unicode Support

Top Lead Extractor support unicode contacts. You can also save fetched contacts in an unicode format.

Customizeable Crawler

Users can make to order the crawler behavior as per his/her needs.

Proxy Support

If any website or search engine blocks the IP, you can integrate proxy-settings.

Big Search Engine List

Top Lead Extractor is friendly to 60+ search engines. You can search as per your specific country.


You can export in .xlsx files, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), and TAB delimited (.txt files) format opens in NOTEPAD.

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