Fed up of copying leads from LinkedIn into Excel Spreadsheets?

  • 12/04/2020

"Linkedin Scraper" is truly just the ticket to help save your valuable time and money. LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter sites are the most available sources of getting contacting info of professionals all across the globe with four hundred million users and far-reaching targeting competencies to grab the attention of advertisers. You can come close to physicians to recently baked food providers listed on LinkedIn in by dint of our LinkedIn Scraper.

Linkedin Scraper is a handy desktop app, which enables you to derive an unlimited amount of data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter site at a blinding rate. It automatically extracts Business Name, Email, Phone, Address, Yahoo messenger ID, Skype ID, Google Talk ID, etc. Also, it helps you in exporting your data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt file.

Extract Leads

Linkedin Scraper is very effective in removing your targeted end user’s LinkedIn contact information and entire profile.


Recruiter Account Support

It can mine your targeted customer's data from LinkedIn as well as LinkedIn Recruiter.


Keyword based searching

Recruiter scraper seeks your targeted customers depending on the search keywords you use.


Extensive Search

Using LinkedIn highly developed search feature, search for people by keywords, industry, location, company, experience level, and so on.


Auto-save and Recovery

At times, computer/software shut-downs all of a sudden; fret not; you can retrieve your search results only by a simple mouse click.


Save Viewed Profiles History

Linkedin Scraper is rendered with the ability to save the history of viewed and saved profiles so that the saved profile that are already saved should not view again.


Delay Option

Options to set unchanging or haphazard delay between requests to simulate as a human being is surfing in a browser.


Unicode Support

Linkedin Scraper backs up Unicode character-set. It is all easy to save earned search results in Unicode format.


Internet Failure Detector

Linkedin Scraper automatically pauses/resumes on internet breakdown throughout processing.


Contacts Filtering

You can also implement filters to get your targeted contact list.


Export Data

Software gives options to save excerpted data in EXCEL format, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format.

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