Free Lead Generation System - Is It Worth Your Precious Time?

  • 22/07/2019

People you refer have no clue about who you are and do not see you as an expert.

When someone joins your downline, his/her contact information is being given away to the Paying Members of the same site. So basically, your leads get spammed with messages from people they had no agenda coming in contact in the first place.
Everyone joins with the same damn agenda - to build a list. It means that most of the time, your emails are not even being opened.
By using free lead generation systems you send out a wrong message. Instead of communicating: "I am an expert with information to share," you actually communicate something like: "I am just looking for a free and easy way to get you into my downline so I can send you some promotional emails and make money off you"

What About Branding?

Branding is one the most important aspects of running internet marketing business. Without branding you are just another sales person.

Branding is supposed to make your marketing easier and more profitable in the long run. If you are branding your products - it will be much easier to launch new marketing campaigns in the future.

You won't have to build a brand from scratch. You'll just need to stick a pre-title or a logo and Boom! Your product has instant value.

Does It Mean You Should Pay For Lead Generation?

Not always, but sometimes - you should.

There are plenty of ways to generate free leads. You can get involved with couple of these for exapmle:

-Video Marketing
-Article Marketing
-Forum Marketing
-Social Networking

But sometimes, when you lack the skill and timing is crucial, you'll have to indulge into paid lead generation methods.

Does it have to be necessary? No, it doesn't. But you should make it necessary. Here's why:

I have been on the path of free lead generation systems
I have been on other path and It is better than the first one

Paid Lead Generation

If you are a total newbie in lead generation or just wish to automate it a little bit and take on other aspects of your business, you can go for the paid lead generation methods.

Paid lead generation is much more effective. It generates more results in less time and is actually cheaper in the long run than any free method of generating leads.

As absurd as it might seem, using paid lead extractor software method is actually cheaper than driving them for free since the time you lose while waiting for someone to actually go through the process of reading your article, reading your bio, making a decision of "clicking on your link or not" and then (with less than 40% chance) actually clicking on your link and only then hitting your capture page just cost you some serious $$$.

Don't Get One Sided

Some of you may get an impression that I am against free lead generation, but I'm not. I am all for it! Free lead generation got me started and it's also a killer way to personally brand yourself.

What I am against is those free, pesky, annoying lead generation systems which are totally useless and are only good for mass bulk emailing.

Major Take Away

You should do both. Test them all and see what kind of results you get. Eliminate the useless ones, improve the bad ones and stay with the awesome ones.

Everyone got his own set of lead generation tools he loves to use and you should too, but do me a favor - do not use free lead generation systems even if your life depends on it. 

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