Google, web crawling and jazz!

  • 23/10/2017

The entire world wide web is filled with almost a gazillion gigabytes of various types of data from various contributors, also known as sources being delivered to seekers through the internet. Now, one can only imagine the quantum of difficulty an information-seeker would have to face if he/she had to search for relevant data without the help of a search engine. Yes, without google!

Can you imagine what would happen to your first school assignment, your first interview, your first date and your first- maybe anything if you did not get a chance to run a small research on the relevant subject before-hand? Doesn’t look too promising, right? So, wat makes google so indispensable to us humans? Why is it a part of almost every milestone life event and truth be told, the go-to website for all our poop-time curiosities? The answer is simple- is the digital version of our friendly next-door-restaurant waiter – you just need to tell him what are you looking for, and it will give you all related choices to choose from. Well, I do realise that this may not be the most appropriate analogy, but hey, at least it was close. That’s exactly what google does -it sources all information that is relevant or close to being relevant to the keyword or the set of keywords you were trying to find out more about. Yes, google literally parses through millions of web pages to find and provide you with all relevant literature and multimedia.

Google’s search engine is in its simplest form an ultra-sophisticated web crawling bot which parses through web pages and pick links which point to webpages describing related content.

Hello Googlebot!

Googlebot is the spider – the web crawling spider that works relentlessly and indexes through millions of webpages with nothing but bare algorithms and obeys none but its master – google! Well, that was a bit dramatic but you get the idea.

Googlebot is the set of algorithms which discovers freshly updated and uploaded content to add it to the google index.

Googlebot, typically a web crawling and scraping spider, does the same job as any other web crawler and web scraper – just across a much wider and deeper horizon. Google uses quite a huge infrastructural setup to deploy such web crawling spiders to practically parse through billions of web pages to add relevant content into the index file – think of it as finding data and classifying it – just like an index or table of contents.

Googlebot functions on the basis of an algorithm which has a binary set of instructions as an underlying. These instructions cover parameters for the web crawler – Googlebot to follow. Parameters can include even as much as which websites to crawl, how many web pages to crawl as well as the frequency of scraping.

Googlebots begin their crawling journey with a list of web addresses which has been perused from earlier crawling and scraping activities and then which have been augmented with the sitemap data offered by web administrators.

During its personal world wide web expedition, it detects and picks links like those for html source and reference tags and then slides it into the list of web addresses All dynamic changes and amendments to existing web pages are update into the index as well for future crawling activities.

In most cases, the Googlebot wouldn’t crawl a single web page for more than once every couple of seconds on an average basis. Although, there might be cases where certain technical induced delays may increase the average in the very short term.

We at BotScraper, just like google, are working towards delivering data that’s not only effective, but also efficient for your business success.

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