Great Ways Online Data Scraping Services Can Help Your Business Promote

  • 09/06/2021

There are several ways that online data scraping services can help your business. From product optimization, price analysis, to lead generation, the scraping services can improve your business in more ways than you can ever be expected.

In case you are not familiar with how it can help, here are 2 prototypes of how online data scraping services can help your business.

1. Lead generation

Marketers need to know the tactics they might try to generate based on the nature of their business. You can use social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+) to target a large number of customers, join communities like Quora, or opt for paid guest posting and ads. In essence, leads can only be generated when you have the contact details or phone and fax numbers of your customers. A web scraping tool (like can help you collect data from different websites. It will automatically collect all the useful information: names, locations, cities, zip codes, website URLs and phone numbers.

2. Market research

It's safe to mention that market research is an integral part of a seller's life. You would have to extract the necessary information from the Internet to plan your marketing strategies. You will be asked to structure the data and have it come from online marketplace companies, news sites, blogs, or industry directories. With all this, it is not possible for you to promote your products and services adequately. Data can be collected from the internet only when you use a reliable web scraping service such as Botscraper.


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