Here's why web crawling services can make your business go from 0 to 100 quick!

  • 04/10/2017

Today, the world is all about being dynamic. Change is now the only constant. With technology and communications through data, the world has not only become dynamic but is also robust. With so much of data floating around, businesses and individuals are informed alike. The wall of information asymmetry is slowly crumbling. Businesses today, take a considerable quantum of decisions based on data and analytics of numerable data sets. Large data sets lead to a heavier and more efficient form of analysis, subsequently helping form more insightful analysis and aiding high quality decision making processes.

Although, internet is and will continue to remain an ocean of data – but it also continues to be unexplored as the oceans of the world. There’s so much to explore, but so less being explored. Why, you ask? Simply because of the lack of required technology and tools. Having this in mind, BotScraper has built technology which is not only efficient and reliable, but also scalable. The technology is to automate web crawling and data extraction as a service. The products and services offered are just the right scuba kit for organizations and individuals to dive deep into the oceans full of data and raw information floating around longing to be accessed and be put to some great use.

The entire web scraping and crawling service revolves around parsing all related data for relevant data points and fetching them into a structured and consumable format. Not every business needs every piece of data that’s available. While having insufficient data is a challenge in its own way, data overload is an equivalent peril to an organization. Trying to fetch more data than necessary leads to not only operational overheads but also frivolous analysis and forced pattern drafting – both of which are not really advisable from a strategic and management perspective.

At BotScraper, we believe that every business has a unique set of needs and needs to be catered to in a unique fashion. Generalization is not a solution and is highly inefficient- for the business as well as the service provider. So, we tailor web crawling services and software in a fashion that fits your needs just right. Our web crawling service focuses on parsing through a ton-load of related data and scraping only the relevant ones, hence effectively cutting away millions of dump data points and delivering exactly what you need to succeed in your business. The best is yet to come.

Like mentioned, we understand every business has a different need and these need to be catered to in a unique fashion, BotScraper also lets you choose the format in which you wish to receive data. That’s right, you can choose from a variety of formats - .json, .csv, .xls or anything else; you name it and we will have it delivered – your way. Next up, we understand that different businesses are differently sensitive to dynamic data. While some businesses, like those in the capital markets space, need data to be extremely robust and dynamic, while some traditional business houses are okay to have the data as monthly sets. This is why, we at BotScraper let you also choose the frequency of fetching data. For the capital markets honcho, we can offer a Rest API that lets you refresh data every time you need it refreshed, just with a few taps and clicks. On the other hand, traditional businesses can schedule and automate data extraction and web scraping at predetermined frequency intervals – minutes, hours, days, weeks as well as months and years.

Web crawling, web scraping and data extraction is much more than a service for us at BotScraper – it is a business and decision enabler. We believe, right data at the right time in the right form can be a brilliant catalyst to business growth and development.

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