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  • 04/05/2017

In the present scenario, it has become a necessity for almost every business to gather important data and information that is stored on the web in a complex manner, diverse formats, and different locations. Data extraction is determined as a process of collecting the information from a pool of web resources that might direct into making detailed business decisions. BotScraper offers data extraction services that are relevant and collected from a range of web sources including documents, database, webpage, links, and images for the desired information. We don’t delay in delivering our services and thus, we deliver the report of our work on and before time. We can assist you to extract information from your own customer database that will help in exploring the characteristics of your customer’s demographics and behavior. Our team is skilled is extracting information from a variety of sources to categorize them based on a defined set of criteria. Also, we can distribute the data into various formats simultaneously.

We understand that in present competitive world of the market, it is crucial to utilize the information extracted from various sources for making effective business decisions. Our data extraction services are remarkably useful to retrieve data and store it in different formats for further use or processing. However, if the process is not performed by the skilled professionals, it may eat up a lot of time that can be used for further operations of a business. Therefore, we are the family of expert professionals that guarantees to deliver the work without any delay in time without any error. We are a trusted Data Extraction Company that has delivered more than hundreds of work on time and with no errors. Our process of data extraction services includes retrieving relevant and unstructured data from the online sources, analyze the data and then arrange the information into a structured data formats according to the client’s requirement. Further, our services include:

  • Market research for products and prices

  • Educational material search

  • Internet research and reporting

  • Management information search

  • Business information search

  • Compilation of website lists, email lists, and contact information

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