How Botscraper’s web page extraction services are goldmine for everyone?

  • 30/04/2020

Many are relying on the Internet to get crucial information they need to make their decisions every day. As such, web extraction services have become very important. Many people are using them to get information from virtually anywhere.

At, we offer quality web page extraction service. Our web page extraction services include specific information related to extraction or scraping. We extract the information from different pages on the web and deliver them in the format that you need them to be. Thus, our services will enable you have unstructured information from a diversity of web pages extracted and delivered to you in the structured formats such as Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, Microsoft access, My SQL, text, that are among others.

Benefits of our web page extraction services:
• You will harvest more and better information entailing less effort and time.
• Extract texts, URL, phone numbers, Meta tags, fax numbers, emails, and zip codes, among others. These help you in the promotion of your web page.
• You get a chance to customize your data according to the information needs of your company.
• You give your company an enhanced prospects through quality updated databases and leads.

Professionally trained experts deliver our web page extraction services. These have experience of many years. Thus, they know exactly what you need and how best to deliver it to you. We are able to extract unlimited data from even Facebook, LinkedIn through Facebook and LinkedIn scraper page content in its raw form from various directories, websites and search engines. That information is then exported to your selected destination in the format of your choice. Thus, with our dedicated extraction services, you can be assured the best extraction services from your desired website with customer details and in the right format.

We have dealt with several clients who have expressed overpowering delight from our services. Do not spend more money and time doing tiring data entry work. Reach for our web page extraction and Linkedin scraper services to save your time and money. Please visit to get full information on our scraping services.

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