How Data Scraping is Leveraging the Real Estate Industry?

  • 24/02/2020

According to most individuals, the real estate investments is one of the best investments, as it delivers maximum value, and results in delivering maximum returns while keeping risk levels to a very minimum limit. However, it is no doubt a very competitive scenario and a lot of factors leverage the potential investment opportunities and profits. 

Thankfully, it is doable to consider the essential influences in detail about the real estate industry and place a bet on data-backed decisions, thanks to the data scraping strategy. In fact, the best part of switched-on market players are by now carrying out real estate data scraping for assessing property value, keeping an eye on vacancy rates, assessing rental yields, forecasting market direction, etc. 

In this blog, we are discussing real estate scarper and data mining. In the meantime, we will share knowledge of how this initiative is already making a hopeful impact on the industry. In the long run, we will take a look at the key tools and solutions that are necessary for flourishing real estate data scraping.

Data scraping also known by other names such as web scraping, web harvesting or web data extraction refers to a process which extracts publicly available data of the internet. The identification and retrieval of the data from the internet are carried out by real estate scraper, i.e. automated software scripts that surf the web in a well thought-out strategy. 

Once the pre-defined data points are keyed out, the data extraction process will lead off. At this point, web scraping pays attention to collecting unstructured data from many online sources, combining, and transforming it into well thought-out datasets for later analysis phase.

Concerning the real estate industry, the commonest extracted data fields include real estate listings, buyers and sellers’ information; real estate agents contact specifics, profound building details, pictures, price, or rent data, etc. 

Additionally, a more highly developed approach can be taken to collect such data as crime and safety figures, keeping an eye on foreclosure and auctions listings, urbanized planning and construction permits, etc. 

Hopefully, by now, you have got a fine understanding of how the real estate industry is being leveraged by data scraping and mining strategy. It is crystal clear that those who typically follow never-ending technological innovations and exploit data will have the most favorable chance to earn a ranking in the industry.

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