How Scraper Sites Work and Play With Search Engine Results?

  • 30/07/2019

A website developed through web scraping / web harvesting is known as a scraper site. Scraper sites do not have any content of their own, as the data exhibited is extracted from varied other open content websites, like Wikipedia, etc. An abstained practice for a SEO expert from India or anywhere else, the formation of a scraper site invites use of extensive computer techniques, deploying which, information is extracted or indexed from other websites using specially coded software programs through implementation of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

It happens usually that we click on a link and right away we are led to a different page, which is in no ways connected to the information we desired to see. This is how these scraper sites work and play with the search engine results. An experienced Search Engine Optimization expert understands that search engine results page scraping site is merely another plagiarized version of sites on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Developed in order to monetize the working of varied advertising and web promotional campaigns online, such as, Pay Per Click or Google Adsense, these scraper sites do nothing but try to deceive internet surfers and thus, gain business online.

The scraper sites also misuse SEO tools such as the web crawlers. The web crawlers, for instance, come to play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization SEO services. Whenever we type a keyword into a search engine, the requisite information is brought to us through the web crawlers and suitable websites are retrieved accordingly. However, this web crawler can also lead us to a scraper site owing to its keyword optimization strategies.

Detrimental to search engine placements, creation of scraper sites is a forbidden practice, which in the absence of proper rules and regulation is mushrooming at a rapid pace.

Today, the internet is the sole medium to attain maximum information on multifarious topics and that too with just a few clicks of the mouse and little cluttering of keyboard, but be careful of scraper sites, the internet devils in disguise.

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