How Search Engine Marketing can help your business to appear in the top search engine ranking?

  • 23/07/2019

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a slightly ambiguous term. SEM can refer to paying to the search engine, so that your website appears in the top of natural search engine ranking. In that sense, it refers to paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. SEM can also be used as an umbrella terms meaning all search engines related promotional activities including search engine optimization. For the uninitiated search engine optimization is simply optimizing the text and content of your website, so that it shows up within the first few searches when a relevant query is made. However, the question that remains unanswered ant is why SEO or SEM is so relevant.

A young brash businessman may think that if his product is good and website is sleek, it should sell on its own. Why should he steep down to such mundane things like Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing. Perhaps in an ideal world, search engine marketing would not be necessary. The consumers will diligently search for the best product and the best website. However, this world is far from ideal and the people in the world are full of biases. They do not think rationally, they think conveniently and rationalize.

Since it is convenient for us to limit their search to the first few websites that show up after a query, search engine marketing becomes extremely important. As a businessman, there is nothing you can do to change people’s perceptions or habits but take advantage of it. You can only adjust your marketing communications to make sure your message reaches them. Search engine marketing is necessary since human beings (your consumers) have a deeply entrenched bias for things which are easily available.

The discerning reader may ask at this point, what if every website owner tries to do search engine marketing. Wouldn’t that negate any competitive advantage that one builds up due to search engine marketing? Well the answer is that search engine marketing cannot be a competitive advantage. It is more of a hygiene factor that you have to consider to survive in the market.

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