How To Scrape Product Information From eBay

  • 13/12/2022

How To Scrape Product Information From eBay

The marketplace of C2C transactions has been a great success after this concept was introduced. Many portals provide these services, out of which is eBay. eBay is an ideal destination for C2C and B2B businesses that allows users and trades to seek better deals by burning the distance between the demand and supply forces. This makes the data available on eBay quite helpful.

However, data scrapers tend to find it challenging to cut to the chase and get information off this site. That's why we are here to help you with a very straightforward explanation of how to scrape product information from eBay using the ideal e-commerce scraping tools from the best web scraping companies.

Understanding The Nature Of Information

Web scraping is all about extracting information from different web pages over the internet, also known as e-commerce data scraping via various web scraping services companies. When there are a lot of options available, the first and foremost thing to do is to decide on what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, the initial step in scraping product information from eBay is to pinpoint a web page that we desire to target.

This webpage becomes the source of all our data. As we are looking for products on eBay, we shall open the eBay webpage and manually type in the search text for our product. The browser will now produce a web page with a list of all the products. The next step is to copy the same URL, which is the URL that we were looking for, and exit the browser. In our current concern, our URL is


We can clearly identify the two elements of this URL, which are "nkw," standing for "new keyword," and "pgn," standing for "page number." It will now proceed to the next product page, where the listicle stands for the OnePlus 9 phone. We can control these searches by replacing the "nkw" with any product. Say MI Smart Watch, and eBay will allocate the results for the MI Smart Watch and the relevant results according to the same page.

Confirming Tags To Execute Extraction

The next step in e-commerce price scraping through any e-commerce scraping tool is to confirm tags to execute extraction. When we move on from locating and targeting the web page that we wanted to scrape, we now need to evaluate the HTML layout for the same. This is one of the most crucial steps in e-commerce data scraping. Here, the scraper unquestionably requires a fundamental use case understanding of HTML, for which it is best advised to opt for the best web scraping services USA.

The next step is to locate the "inspect element" section of the web page. This can be done by surfing the developer's options in a window or running CTRL+SHIFT+I. This is where we shall discover the source code of the targeted web page. In our example, the products are already mentioned as the elements of the list, leaving us no option but to procure the lists. We can procure this HTML element by claiming an identifier that is related to the same. This identifier can be an id aspect or any form of HTML element of the same subject.

In our case, the class name is the identifier, and the lists have an identical class name: s-item. As we proceed, we discover that we have achieved the class names for the subject name and its cost entitled "s-item__title" and "s-item__price", respectively. This concludes confirming tags to execute extraction for e-commerce data scraping on eBay.

Structuring The Scraped Information

E-commerce data scraping produces massive quantities of data from all over the internet. Even though we have a particular source, extracting the data using e-commerce scraping tools from web scraping services companies is just the first aspect of the process. Segregation of this information is a vital part of the job that requires immense attention.

Therefore, in this step, we shall structure the scraped information. The data that we have extracted till this point is in HTML format. The exact needs to be converted and assorted. Such big data is carefully organized in differently formatted files that can be easy to access and usable in distinct ways. Organizations can structure this data into many and any format that they desire. This can be an excel sheet or a document. The structure is solely dependent on the business requirements.

Conception Of The Given Data

The core reason why any data is extracted is to procure insights and knowledge about topics in discussion. In the process of e-commerce data scraping, once the data is extracted, the same is accumulated and organized in a structured form. This is the point when the web scraping services companies have almost finished their job. However, what use could such data be if it can't be employed to draw conclusions? Wasn't it the sole purpose of scraping the internet in the first place? Hence, when the data is extracted, the same will be compared and evaluated to make intelligent and informed decisions.

The Necessary Libraries And Their Installation

To develop web scraping for such application instances, you will need a necessity of python, pip (python package installer), and, indeed, the BeautifulSoup package in python. To arrange the acquired data in an organized manner, you will also require pandas and the NumPy package.

Install Python with PIP

The process of installing these plugins varies for every drive and operating software. Therefore, you must discover the best way out to incorporate these plugins for these mandates in the systems that you operate on.

Install Beautiful Soup Library

apt-get install python-bs4 pip install beautifulsoup4  

Install Pandas and Numpy

apt-get install python-bs4 pip install beautifulsoup4

The online ecosystem is now flooded with many companies that offer various services to every sector of the marketplace. Hence, being a business owner, it is necessary to ensure you have access to all the data that can be potentially useful for your business in any form. And the best way to do so is via e-commerce data scraping using the best e-commerce scraping tools from the best web scraping services USA.

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