Keyword Research – Why is it essential

  • 27/12/2018

Some people think that Keyword Research is of no use because it take time and efforts. However, the reality is the basic pillar of any SEO or digital marketing campaign and can make or break any business. In fact, it is responsible for the success of any website.

A wide range of techniques and tools

According to a study, one of the first steps in any online marketing campaign or promotional marketing campaign should be keyword research. It not only helps to find out the current trends, but also help to know what audience are looking. That is why, it should be the first step and should involve a wide range of techniques and tools.

Impact of keywords

Do you know that keywords have a great impact on organic page rank in search engines? In fact, 75% of internet users never even look past the first page of search results. Hence, business marketers should use keywords in a sensible and strategic way. Businesses that do not use keywords often lose traffic and hence cannot convert users, which is a severe setback for businesses.

Keywords research tools

Today, there are many types of keywords research tools that marketers should use. They can use Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Moz's Keyword Explorer,, SEMrush, etc. All these keywords research tools are quite intuitive as well as helps to find out the most specific keywords according to your business needs.

Expand your business reach

Marketers should use keyword research in order to find out other business-related queries and expand their business reach. For that, businesses should identify long tail keywords that gives more opportunity to marketers. It is a well-known fact that effective keyword research can help business marketers to rank high and attract more customers. They also need to place keywords in the right spot to get the best advantage.

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