Launching A Content Marketing Campaign? Read this before you do this

  • 21/07/2019

So you have decided that you want to start a content marketing campaign, now what? In order to launch a successful campaign before you start writing you will want to identify your target market, and develop a content strategy that will engage them. This strategy should have two types of content, some that is designed to engage through that search and other content that is designed to retain readers.

Creating content that will rank high on search sounds like a pretty daunting task, and that is what they want you to think. From the technical standpoint ranking high on search comes down to a few basic things, the number of people linking to you on a topic and the keyword density of a post. When creating content for search, the first question you want to answer is what is my target audience searching for? Once you know this, you can start creating keyword dense content that answers their questions, thus driving these searchers to your site.

Once they are on your site however, your goals may vary. For some, the goal is to keep readers on the site for as long as possible as a way of generating more advertising revenue, while for others it is to direct that traffic into a conversion. Although retaining readers on your blog does not seem like it will help conversions, it will give you more authority in the space in turn leading to increased sales. No matter which camp you are in, creating content that will keep your readers engaged should be the next step in your content marketing campaign. This content will appear in your related links, thus enticing users to keep reading. Just read about how to care for that pulled muscle? Why not follow that up by reading another article about the 5 best post workout activities you can do to percent injuries.

Unlike an advertising campaign, content marketing requires that you create fresh new material every week in order to keep people coming back. This will in turn help you create a vast archive that users can come upon via search; however in order to really keep people engaged it must be ongoing. Before you begin, think of 20 topics that you want to write about, then get to work. This method will help you stay focused on your target audience, and it will allow you to come to the keyboard ready to go so you don’t waste time thinking of something to write about.

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