Learn How to Scrape News from News Sites Easily

  • 18/10/2022

Scrape News from News Sites

The amount of content published online is immense. The reason is content consumption. The audience not only reviews and utilizes the content uploaded into news articles and blogs but also shares it if they derive value from it. Therefore, demand is an apparent reason to scrape news articles. However, businesses gain much more than just engagement by scraping news articles.

News portals hoard enormous amounts of information related to multiple organizations and entities, including many sectors like banking, technology, education, finance, science, nature, healthcare, networking, etc. Every update from global industries is forwarded through the media and is available on these news platforms.

Companies look for the best news sites to scrape to achieve critical data on financial plans, latest updates, launches, reviews, etc., which will help them in their business plans. Considering these benefits, news scraping becomes one of the integral parts of the research operations, which look for the best web scraping services USA.

Advantages Of News Scraping

Assures Subordination

Every sector and its industry is regulated by the government of its location. Depending on the nature of its business, every industry has some government and authoritative regulations. While in the business's momentum, it is possible to miss out on updates on such laws.

As media intercepts all such information, looking for the best news sites to scrape enables a business to be up-to-date with every compliance. Such proactiveness ensures a business is free of unnecessary fines and penalties that can be directly avoided by keeping up with the trend.

Enhances External Factors Understanding

Just like the government, a business is affected by many external factors. These are the consumers, environment, society, stakeholders, etc. Being a business that operates and thrives due to a synergy of all these factors, it's vital to keep an eye on every change occurring around the same.

For instance, if a natural calamity strikes on a prominent transit route of a logistics company, its operations will be drastically affected. Therefore, prior predictions or news of the disaster can help the company to find alternatives to minimize losses.

Minimize Risk

Risks owe to a holistic environment that affects a business ecosystem. Technological innovation, real-time data management, and weather changes are some elements to track efficiently.

A news scraper allows a business to unify all this scattered data on the internet. With the numbers handy, extensive risks can be minimized on the quality and quality of the modus-operandi.

These are a few examples of why news scraping is essential and how it helps with a seamless business operation. Now let us take a look at how to scrape a news article.

Steps To Scrape A News Article

Considering it is an object-oriented language, Python delivers a few of the simplest ways to begin when it comes to scraping public news sources. Essentially, downloading the webpage and parsing the HTML are the two phases to finding easy news sites to scrape.

Requests is among the most widely deployed libraries for downloading website content. The pip command on Windows may be utilized to install this library. To ensure you're running Python3, experts recommend engaging the pip3 command on Mac and Linux. Users should thus launch the terminal and enter the command mentioned below.

pip3 install requests

Enter the following code in a fresh Python file

import requests

response = requests.get(')


Once this code is run, the same will produce an HTTP status code. The status code is bound to be 200, given the web page is downloaded successfully. The HTML can be accessed on the web page by accessing the text function of the response object

print(response.text) # Prints the entire HTML of the webpage.

The response.text that returns the HTML is a string. And in order to achieve certain information, the same needs to be parsed into a Python object. This task can be achieved using multiple parsing libraries accessible for Python. Here, in this particular instance, lxml with the BeautifulSoup library is engaged, where BeautifulSoup acts as the wrapper for the parser - therefore, enabling a better procedure for extracting data from HTML.

A user must install the following libraries via the pip command and enter the given code through the terminal.

pip3 install lxml beautifulsoup4

Import BeautifulSoup then construct an object as indicated in the code document.]

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

response = requests.get('')

soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'lxml')

The current prototype has incorporated a website with quotes. Nevertheless, the process is still usable if the same process is executed on a different website. There will surely be a minor change in the process of locating the element. find() input can be utilized to locate the HTML element, which will use the tag name and return the first match.

title = soup.find('title')

get_text() will source the text within the tag.

print(title.get_text()) # Prints page title.

Other properties, such class, id, etc., can also be applied to refine it further.


Python reverses the keyword class. Therefore the class attribute can be used as class_


find_all() is used to obtain more than one element, just as discussed earlier. All the elements of a headline can be extracted by encoding the given input only if these quotes are in the form of a news headline.

headlines = soup.find_all(itemprop="text")

One should take into consideration that the object headlines is a listicle of tags, and the extraction of texts from these tags can be executed through a loop.

for a headline in headlines:


Parting Thoughts

The process of scraping is not very tricky. However, it depends on the interface and systems that a user is engaging in. The web pages also make a difference based on their nationality and language. Scrape the news articles at your convenience based on the information your business is looking forward to from robust web scraping services USA.

If you need web scraping services to extract data from news sites easily, feel free to contact us. We offer customized solutions that will help you get news data exactly, how, and when you need it from news sites of your choice. Get in touch with us soon!

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