Learning what Web Crawling service is and how it is significant

  • 30/05/2020


Every search engine whether it is Yahoo, Bing or Google, each of them has its personal web crawler, which are basically internet bots that methodically browse the internet for indexing pages. These web crawlers travel speedily from one page to another, taking a look at every page and transcribing copies of each individual page. These copies are hived away in an index including every other page the crawler has gone through. Getting your site “crawled” and “indexed” are references to various pieces of the similar process, and can be considered as one and the same by most. At certain instances, when your website is to be crawled and not indexed, albeit this characteristically only means that there was a postponement or bug for the crawler, and they will get back to the page to index them sooner or later. When a website address is crawled over one time, any changes will typically be overwritten in the index.


If you have a website and are looking to earn a good ranking in your favorite search engine, you need it to be indexed. In this case, what bots needs to do is efficiently and repeatedly crawl your website. In case your website has not been indexed, you will not be able to discover it on Google even if you search it for a complete paragraph that you copied and pasted directly from your website. If the search engine does not have a copy of your page, it might not come into being too.

There are simple techniques to get your website crawled one or two times yet all working websites have the structure in place to get crawled without fail. If you keep your page up to date, it will not earn any better ranking in search engines until the page is re-indexed. Having your page changes reflect in search engines quickly is very helpful for websites particularly since content freshness and date of post are also salient ranking factors.

Creating a site configuration that enables search engines to crawl your site data competently is a salient on-page SEO success aspect. Also, ensuring that your site even can get indexed is the stepping stone towards crafting a successful SEO strategy.

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