LinkedIn Scraper and Advanced Email Scrapper – Two Innovative Tools

  • 18/04/2020

LinkedIn Data Extractor is a handy tool lately launched by LinkedIn, the leading professional networking site across the globe. Being an essential and effective handy tool, it is capable of logging into your LinkedIn profile and extracting key details as follows:

-Your first name
-Your last name
-Your postal/zip code
-Your business name
-Your location, etc.

With that said, these details will aid you in getting extra businesses.

What are the essential features of LinkedIn Scraper?

-LinkedIn Scraper helps in extracting information as per your preferences.

-The extracted databse is placed in CSV format that is easily opened in Microsoft Excel without causing users to experience any difficulties or hassles.

-Hassle-free to use and literal outcomes.

-It can extract the essential info irrespective of how problematical or large the database is.

-Exceptional swiftness and multiple search strings for unmatched competence.

-You can search for information by dint of location, keyword, First name, Last name, nation, URL, postal code, etc.

System requirements for LinkedIn Extractor

-Net Framework 2.0

-Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows Vista

Advanced Email Scrapper

Advanced Email Scrapper is an exceptional tool for receiving the contact emails of the target consumers online. This scrapper is a very speedy and flexible email id extractor and crawler that produces intended email searches for rendering you with a list of clientele in a short period. This mail scrapper can work as your dependable assistant in the field of Internet and email marketing.

Functionality of Advanced Email Scrapper

This tool has the ability to procure emails from various websites that have been particularized by you. It also has the capability of searching the entire web for taking out emails from websites, which fulfill the tailored search standards set by you.

Advanced Email Scrapper features certain state-of-the-art search options that are largely helpful. You have the facility of tweaking a variety of factors to ensure making the best use of your search and getting better outcomes.

The crawler has the potential to check specific phrases and keywords and break up websites with the phrases that are not effective for you. Plus, you can deal with it for picking out websites depending on the specific field of operation and language. What is more, you can mark out the boundaries of search strength.

So if you feel like to use LinkedIn scraper to extract information from the social networking website, then you can count on to get the need achieved successfully. 

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