Multiple Uses of Website Data Scraping

  • 21/05/2020

Website data scraping refer as to extract information from websites which may belong any industry and that can be online business directory, product websites, Google map, search engines, individuals directory, property portals, social networking websites, news websites, financial stocks websites, entertainment websites, tours travel websites, hotels websites etc.

Data Scraping from Google Search Results

Google is the most powerful search engine at present and over 50% web users prefer Google as their primary search engine. Getting good rank in search engine is techniques and technical efforts. Do you required data from search listing, we are enough capable to capture data for you from search results and contact business contacts. Also capable to scrape Google featured listings contact details.

Scrape Contact from Individuals Directory

Service provider and product supplier need to promote their services and products to specific audience, before promote need to identify the targeted audience, once it’s identified we can go for email database and mailing database and possible resources can be directory. Many business owners needed lawyers database, doctors database, restaurants database, hotels database, dentists, plumber, electricians, contractor, auto dealers, car dealers, accountants database in that case we can scrape from their respective directories like as lawyers directory, doctors directory, dentists directory, restaurants directory etc.

Scrape Apartments, Property Listings from Real Estate Websites

There must be over thousands of property / real estate websites those carries property listings and you wish to scrape property listing from those websites and create master database for you. You can email us list of real estate and property sites in order to get sample and affordable price quote.

Extract from Social Networking Websites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are leading social networking websites and most of educated peoples knows about these sites, these sites are great source to connect with anyone. We have tools and technology to extract profiles with given contact information in fast turnaround time.

At Botscraper, we are one of the most recognized web scraping services India. We are not limited up to data extraction; we also develop scraper/extractor/bots for clients so they can also scrape at their destination as per requirement with proxy solutions. Get affordable price quote on your data scraping services India requirements. For more information, feel free to contact us on


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