How do Website Crawlers work in terms of data extraction?

  • 18/05/2021

Having a look at the mechanism of the results generated by any search engine, the role of robots or web crawlers cannot be downplayed. A website crawler is fundamentally an automated program that visits every page of the website and picks out some data from it. That data is subsequently hived away in a large database. This technique is called indexing. When a user looks for any specific search term or keyword, the search engines fit the specific keywords in their database and churn out the re.........

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3 general hints your website is overrun by scraper bots

  • 17/05/2021

Scraping is a very useful and proven technique to collect data or information from websites and syndicate it elsewhere. Technically, scraping is taken in as an illegal activity carried out without taking the say-so of the owner of the actual source. There are two types of scraping i.e. manual and robotic. In general, manual scraping is a laborious process and that is why programmers typically deploy high-tech programs known as bots and scrape a vast range of pages illegitimately.


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Web crawlers and spiders, what they are and how they work?

  • 15/05/2021

They are the brains of modern search engines. They allow you to archive web pages and index them in the database of various Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. adopt highly refined computer technologies to offer - almost instantly - thousands and thousands of results for every single search made by users. But what makes search engines work possible? Their brain, aka the web crawler spider.

What is a web crawler?

The web crawler sp.........

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Web Data Scraping Services - Relevant In Today’s Business World

  • 14/05/2021

We know the World is changing and day by day new businesses and companies are emerging. Whether its medical field, real estate, ecommerce or financial sector, we have seen so many startups. There are so many data scraping services providers and at the same time loads of tools available to do web & data scraping.  Without any obstacle, one can extract large amounts of data using these tools. In the past decade, the Internet ha.........

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Indexing Real Estate Listings: NAR, Google and the agents caught in the middle

  • 13/05/2021

Right now, the Internet is being rocked by a heavily-criticized decision by the National Association of Realtors(R) to allow individual boards of Realtors to view Google as a "scraper" site and require that Realtors with a dynamic IDX feed block it from obtaining and publishing information from listings on and NAR affiliated sites. The criticism has caused the NAR to take another look at this decision, with the section 15.2.2 of the MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board.........

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