The good side of web scraping bots

  • 19/06/2021

Web scraping is a technique carried out to retrieve, analyze, and sort through huge amounts of data in a fast and systematic fashion. Web scraping with bots delivers multiple beneficial uses. Several popular search engines, for example, Google and Bing, confer a trust on bots to scan sites and give ranking to content. Bots are automatized and can therefore play a seminal role in reviewing a lot of information—data that would consume numerous hours of humans to process. For example, weat.........

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Aspects to keep in mind when doing data extraction

  • 17/06/2021

When approaching a data extraction project we have to take into account 3 fundamental aspects:

Frequency of extraction:

If the process is going to be carried out only once, for example, to carry out a specific migration. Or if, on the contrary, it is going to be used repeatedly, such as obtaining the most current data frequently.

The volume of data and available resources

If we want to collect a few tens of thousands of.........

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Why Use Web Scraping Tools?

  • 16/06/2021

A web page scraper is specifically developed to extract information from websites. They are also known as web collection tools or web data extraction tools. These tools are useful for anyone trying to collect some kind of data from the internet. Web Scraping is a data entry technique that does not require repetitive writing or pasting and copying.

A web page scraper searches for new data manually or automatically, retrieving the new or updated data and storing it for easy access. Fo.........

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Discussing two popular web data extractors

  • 14/06/2021

Web data extraction is an important process utilized by various organizations in the world. If you are intrigued to learn some of the best and most popular web data extractors, this blog is for you. Here we discuss only two web data extractors viz. and - Transform the unstructured data of a website into structured data

This is a very interesting application to consider.

Even so, it is somewhat complex and i.........

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What is scraping and what is it used for?

  • 13/06/2021

The scraping is a computer technique that is used to extract data from any website in an automated fashion. That is, we extract the database, the web information through a program. The exact translation of scraping is scraping.


Copying data from a web page and pasting it into an excel database would be considered data extraction. If, instead of doing it manually, we resort to robots or bots that automate all the work, we will be talking about web scraping.

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