Content marketing and online entrepreneur

  • 25/05/2020

As an online entrepreneur, a decision-maker, and perhaps even a thought leader in your industry, you are probably being forced to divide the productive moments of your life among a dazzling array of both related and not so related activities. Topping the list, in all probability, is the need to sustain your enterprise and stay ahead of your competition by generating leads, sales and conversions. If the picture we have painted describes you accurately, content marketing is indeed for you.

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Are you using lead generation?

  • 24/05/2020

Lead Generation has been around for years and used by offline marketers to target prospective customers in all kinds of niches.

Data was collected and collated in all manner of ways, have you ever been stopped in the street to take part a 'survey'?

This information was then used for research by the company or your details were put into a mailing list, you would then receive a mailshot from that company or from another company offering similar products, th.........

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BotScraper’s website data extraction process is truly one of a kind

  • 23/05/2020

Website Data Extraction is the process of retrieving information from web data sources. Data processing India employs the use of manual efforts as well as software that automatically retrieves data from semi-structured or unstructured information and convert it into structured information. The retrieved data is transformed and transferred in a pre-determined way to websites, xml files, database and spreadsheets. The type of data that can be retrieved ranging from product pricing, dynamic web .........

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BotScraper – one of the most affordable and premier web scraping companies

  • 22/05/2020

Are you still engaged with your manpower to collect database from various online sources? Don’t you think you are wasting your time? You can outsource that work to another company also. Another better option is accomplishing that kind of work with help of automated tools in order to save time and increase the accuracy. Get scraper, extractor, bots for your data collection requirement. At Botscraper, we are recognized as one of the premier we.........

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Multiple Uses of Website Data Scraping

  • 21/05/2020

Website data scraping refer as to extract information from websites which may belong any industry and that can be online business directory, product websites, Google map, search engines, individuals directory, property portals, social networking websites, news websites, financial stocks websites, entertainment websites, tours travel websites, hotels websites etc.

Data Scraping from Google Search Results

Google is t.........

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