Uses of online data scraping services in digital marketing

  • 26/06/2021

Online data scraping services are very useful in digital marketing. Of course, the use you give it will depend on the information you need to get, but in general, the services will help you in the following ways:

Analyze your competition

With online data scraping services, you have the opportunity to know your competition better, know if they have specific offers if they have raised their prices or if they have launched any new products.


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3 free tools to do web scraping from Google search results

  • 24/06/2021

The time has come to obtain huge amounts of data from the SERPs to pass to its filtering, analysis and subsequent use and thus polish the necessary actions to optimize the SEO of each like a boss project.

1 - SEOQuake

Although it does not act as a regular data scraping tool, the well-known Google Chrome SEOQuake extension allows, among other multiple functionalities, to export a significant number of URLs that respond to a specific search that we are inter.........

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Diving Into the Initiative of Data Scraping

  • 24/06/2021

The concepts of web crawling or web spider refer specifically to the fact that to obtain the web pages that interest us we have to track their web links, that is, we have to navigate through the tree structure (or graph) of the website, making a recursive exploration of all its links to the depth level that we determine. Under the term screen scraping, we refer to the extraction of information from a web page, part of whose content is created at the time it is viewed, so we have to resort to .........

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Web Scraper - A standalone Chrome extension

  • 23/06/2021

Web Scraping has been widely used in various fields, such as news portals, blogs, forums, e-commerce websites, social media, real estate, financial reporting, and the purposes of the web scraper are also diverse, including online comparison of pricing, website change detection, web data integration, weather data monitoring, research, etc.


Chrome has an extension called Web Page Scraper, its function, as already mentioned before, is to extract informa.........

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Problems when doing web Scraping

  • 22/06/2021

The more interesting the data provided by a website, the more zealously they will protect it and try to avoid web scraping techniques.

Browsing session. We will need to enter through an initial page to establish a browsing session (session cookie) and thus validate access to the data.

Use of Javascript: Both the presentation of the data and the access to the following pages of the same can be generated by means of JavaScript and Ajax .........

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