Three tips to be an ethical web scraper

  • 28/09/2017

Quite often many of us are so engrossed in achieving the goal that we forget about being fair in the means. Web scraping as a service is almost indispensable especially to organisations operating in a data sensitive organization. Succumbing to the pressure of being on top of the data game takes such a toll that the lines between ethical web scraping and intrusive web scraping is almost blurred. Web scraping and data extraction as services may be one of the most profitable value propositions. .........

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Why does web scraping add a lot of value to your business?

  • 27/09/2017

Web scraping is also commonly referred to by various other nomenclatures such as screen scraping, web harvesting, data extraction and similar more. Web scraping is nothing but a process which lets a user extract vast data sets from the world wide web. This data is then stored into the user’s computer in a consumable and accessible format.

Now, you may wonder that if the source of this data set is the world wide web, then anybody with an internet connection can anyways access t.........

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Real Time Web Scraping vs Scheduled Web Scraping: Which is the real deal?

  • 20/09/2017

Many organizations place a lot of premium on scraping web data on a real-time basis. In most cases, it is considered that the number of decision choices available is significantly inversely related to the time lag between data upload on the web and download onto your system. In simple words, the more updated data you have, more clear is your vision in decision making processes.

Scraping real time data can be of immense support to decision-making activities like for a online reseller.........

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Data extraction & web scraping: the opportunity, challenges and solution

  • 14/09/2017

Today, we live in an age where an ocean of data is at easy disposal to everyone, especially the ones running an enterprise. Data has evolved to be one of the most crucial factors in driving growth and performance for organizations. Data-driven analysis, insights and strategies have become more crucial than ever. According to a Capgemini survey, ~65% of respondents view data as an essential enabler to organizational success. To give it to it, data has rightfully been a topline driver for firm .........

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Being polite is a virtue that can make your web scraping successful!

  • 11/09/2017

The primary commandment in the Bible of web scraping is to not harm the website. Next, it is very important to know the second rule – never go against commandment number one. Web scrapers and service providers are all in for a democratic and judicious use of the free-floating data; however, not at the cost of site admins. Among the web scraping and data extraction community, there’s a huge respect for scraping ethics & etiquettes. Also, like every society, even this has its ow.........

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