Typical uses of web scraping as a service: You may not have thought about some of these.

  • 26/12/2017

The One You Use But Don't Realize It — Search Engines

How horrible would the Internet be without search engines? Search engines make the Internet open to everybody, and web crawlers have a basic impact in getting that going. Tragically, many individuals confound the two, thinking web crawlers are web crawlers, and the other way around. Actually, a web crawler is only the initial segment of the procedure that influences a search engine to do what it does.


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Follow these best practices while web crawling and scraping

  • 26/12/2017

There is a fine difference between compiling information for your business through web scraping and doing harm to the web via thoughtless crawling. As a significant device for creating capable bits of knowledge, web information extraction has turned out to be basic for organizations in this aggressive market. Be that as it may, with extraordinary power comes awesome duty. Similar to the case with most capable things, web crawling must be utilized mindfully. We have incorporated the accepted p.........

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Web scraping & crawling: Growth Hacks (Series 2/3)

  • 19/12/2017

While there are many growth hacks one can leverage to boost their digital presence and persona, the ones next on list are ones you may have not encountered easily but is sure to add tremendous value to you.

3. Sidestep useless guest post prospects by scraping RSS feeds
If a blogger has not posted in many weeks it is quite likely that he has lost interest in the particular blog and has moved on in life. It is futile to try and pursue these bloggers for a guest post on your web.........

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Web crawling and scraping: Growth Hacks

  • 07/12/2017

If you’ve been following our posts all this while, you would have gained at least an elementary knowledge on web scraping and web crawling. While a majority of folks out there may liken the use case for web scraping and crawling to merely setting up a few title and meta tags right, the scope is well much beyond just that. 

The following post is going to cover a few nifty hacks to extract maximum value from your web scraping and crawling ambitions.

  1. Get in.........
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How can a messed up website architect

  • 01/12/2017

The robots.txt file along with the sitemap is majorly responsible to create first impressions with the search engine web scraping and web crawling bots. An incorrect sitemap can make the web crawlers go crazy hunting for the pages they wish to index and may even end up indexing unfavourably.

Here’s a brief list of things that could be messed up when the bots come knocking at your sitemap-

  1. Format inconsistencies
    While there could be a horde of permutat.........
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