Web Scraping Services vs Scraping tool softwares

  • 17/11/2016

Web Scraping Services v/s Web Scraping Tools: Quest for The Best

Web Scraping as a function has been gaining momentum across the globe as an ace process to extract insights from the deep ocean of the internet. While this process is almost indispensable to enterprises wishing to have the edge in their market space, the variety of functionality and services are sufficient to overwhelm a decision-maker.

This short piece of information will solve the greatest .........

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Asynchronous network programming with raw sockets Multi threaded, ( ipv4 / ipv6 ) Proxy support ,SSL Support, Auto Redirect 302, Custom HttpWebRequest C#

  • 24/10/2016

I work on web scraping projects and i use c# as a primary language and for fast web scraping we need a class HttpWebRequest for communicating with the target websites with our c# code .We generally use features of it like SSL support , Ipv4 / Ipv6 proxy surpport (for rotating IP) . AutoRedirect support 302 , Custom Headers support  etc. 

We can replace this class by creating our own custom class which use raw sockets to communicated with the server and should have .........

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