Web Crawling & Web Scraping: The Mystery Behind Legal Lines (Part 2)

  • 25/11/2017

In the earlier version, we established basic concepts and the basic thought behind having web crawling and web scraping serices and its legality. In case you missed out on it, you can click here to read 'Web Crawling & Web Scraping: The Mystery Behind Legal Lines (Part 1)'

In continuation -

While web scraping is used widely and contributes massively to .........

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Web Crawling & Web Scraping: The Mystery Behind Legal Lines (Part 1)

  • 22/11/2017

A few years back, not long ago, one of my batch mates studying computer science had a brilliant idea for a university project – this project was supposed to be his great escape plan from getting bad grades, this was supposed to salvage all the shortfalls he had in his semester grades. What was this project about? His brilliant idea was to deploy a mega web crawler to crawl and fetch results from multiple high flying and well-known websites and then publish all fetched and crawled data i.........

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Arguments against legal allegations on web crawling and scraping (Part 1)

  • 26/11/2017

People typically proceed with their web crawling and web scraping ambitions without really giving the legal side a deserved thought. While in the process and asked about the legal side of the story, it is interesting to hear what they have to say and then try understand how good is their argument.

Following are the most typical arguments people offer for covering their legal side -

1. “Public domain data is meant for free use”
Now, while there is some el.........

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