Googlebot: Web Crawling and Indexing

  • 29/10/2017

In the information age today, where information on almost any topic is available through shared forums, blogs and web pages across the internet, every contributor wishes to be heard, seen and followed. However, the journey to digital fame begin with a small stage – recognition. For being an internet sensation and having your content viral, or at least known over the internet, it is very essential for your content to first appear as a search result. Think about it. What content would you.........

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Google, web crawling and jazz!

  • 23/10/2017

The entire world wide web is filled with almost a gazillion gigabytes of various types of data from various contributors, also known as sources being delivered to seekers through the internet. Now, one can only imagine the quantum of difficulty an information-seeker would have to face if he/she had to search for relevant data without the help of a search engine. Yes, without google!

Can you imagine what would happen to your first school assignment, your first interview, your first d.........

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Web crawling services will get you these three crucial-for-survival data sets

  • 13/10/2017

In today’s world, data is the fuel to growth for almost all companies operating in various spaces of business and commerce. Today, gaining access to insightful data has become more essential than ever. Ever since the advent of internet and the world wide web, and with the recent mobile connectivity on a rampant expansion, the world is getting closer and uniform one byte at a time. Trade and business has expanded beyond geographies and beyond land, water and air – it is on the inte.........

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Web crawling the google way

  • 09/10/2017

It is almost close to three decades since the advent of web crawlers which was incepted in the early nineties. It has been quite a long time since web crawlers have been assisting in cutting out the chaos only to streamline data like extracting music out of noise. While, in its early days, the role of web crawlers was restricted to fetching and storing webpage statistics, with time, even these virtual bots have evolved. Today, these web crawlers are capable of not only fetching any kind of da.........

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Are web crawling services similar to web scraping services? Maybe not.

  • 09/10/2017

Web crawling and web scraping are often used interchangeably, but is that really the case? Maybe not.

There’s a fine line of distinction between the two concepts. To put things simply, a typical crawling function includes docking onto a webpage and tracking the relevant links while scanning through the actual text and subsequently proceeds to the next webpage and so on.

On the flipside, web scraping refers to parsing through content on a webpage and collecting partic.........

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